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Hi I have a gigabyte 785GMT-USB3, with 4gb of ddr3 1333mhz corsair ram and a 550x2 II cpu 3.10ghz and ati hd4760. My question is why is win 7 32 bit not as fast as i would expect & lags in crysis, it gives a heavy feeling & the overall os could be faster. I thought my specs would ba ample is there a mismatch in my lay out on what hdd is wd 500gb cavier gree edition. I want a smapier pc if pos, can you help.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- The CPU is a dual core that don't have L3 cache that is used for heavy games like Crysis
    2- The GPU isn't very good at high settings if u want play the games in that configuration
    3- Win 7 32 bits only can use 3GB in normal configuration.
  2. Hi Saint well it does have L2 Cache 2 x 512KB and L3 Cache 6MB, so I don't know if your looking at the right cpu. I agree the Gpu so struggling with high settings. With what you say it sound like I am either better going back to xp maybe 64bit although I read it more for office work, not gaming. Or upgrade my system - however how is my mob looking does it have the wright speeds on front end bus & north bridge & enough capability for better ram, cpu, etc or did I get the wrong mob. I hear people talk about intel alot, but for the mob & cpu its alot more lay out, but im not really sure now if i bought well & matched well - what can you surgest. when you look on youtube they are opening up lots of apps very very fast. I tried win 64bit but even without installing anything it was very blotware with my setup
    regards Daz_76
  3. My bad I thought in teh X2 250 not X2550 that is ur CPU.

    Run some benchmark test to know the real performance of ur rig. Try with LinX and passmark and 3D mark 06 or vantage and let me now the results.
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