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I just finished trying out the Grid racing demo, and I was wondering if the retail version has built in game pad support ? I like my rumblepad but the demo doesn't seem to have a way to configure the gamepad for it even though the force feedback and whatnot is in there hehe

Oh and i'm not a huge racing buff but I like the odd game, regardless I have no idea what drift racing is and I basically spent a lot of time spinning my tires in circles!

Fun game, but yea before I buy it I wanted to be sure the gamepad support was there :o
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  2. Yes, the game has gamepad support.
    If you're not going to use a 360 gamepad, though, you'll have to configure the controls yourself from within the game.

    The game looks great, runs great, is very well optimized, and is great fun.
    Codemasters have just redeemed themselves in my eyes after DiRT.

    Oh, and about drift racing:
  3. yea, I couldn't configure it ingame so i just used the logitech profiler to set it up instead which worked out okay

    The steering does feel a bit touchy though but I usually get used to it after about 10 minutes I find

    thanks for the link on drift racing :X
  4. Hey, i got cordlless rumblepad 2, i cant get it to work with Grid, i dunno much about logitech profiler but i got it installed. Please help

    Thank you
  5. I use the cheapo logitech wired gamepad, configured both analogue sticks ,in 2mins from within the game and I was off smashing french people off the road, mwahaha. easy!
  6. hey, I`m about to buy the Logitech chillstream gamepad. I see that you mentioned that you have Logitech and that it works in Grid, and also that the analogue sticks work. I was wondering when you drive with the analogue controls, can you really steer a bit, and not full left/right when you use the sticks? Or is it the same like using buttons, only full on/off?
  7. Works brilliant, you can adjust your turn rate its not just on or off, same for throttle, you can feather the power through corners. You just have to setup the controller in GRID properly. :)
  8. ahhhhh. google Xpadder, it will solve all your woes.

    it's a wonderful program, there's a tutorial on Youtube if you need one.

    Xpadder lets you use controllers for anything, even games without gamepad support, much better than that POS logitech profiler.

    Hell, if more people knew about xpadder, the console sales wouldn't be so robust as it is.
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