Realtek is Killing Me

Since I installed CoD4 on my new rig, I've noticed that it was much laggier than my old PC, although the FPS was high and stable. After lots and lots of research, I've narrowed it down to my audio. If I disable my Realtek HD audio, then the game is considerably smoother and there is minimal stuttering. But with it on, gameplay is annoying.
The default Vista driver work fine, but because of either my stupid P5ND or Vista itself, the front panel jack detection doesn't work at all, and that is where I plug my headphones. So my question is, is there a way to manually disable the front panel jack detection without using the Realtek control panel? Obviously I can get a sound card, but I want to see if there is an easier solution.
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  1. open the case and pull the wire off the audio header that goes to the front panel, make sure that you do or do not need the jumpers installed to make the rear jack work,(read the documentation for the motherboard)
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