Oblivion always crashing

Hello, first timer here. Oblivion will run and then crash at random. "This program has encountered a problem and needs to close, sorry for the inconvenience." Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing changes. Have newest game patch and newest video card drivers. Have also tried lowering game graphics, still the crashing. WTF!

Antec True 380S - 24A on +12V rail
MSI K8N Neo4 (MS7125) socket 939
AMD Athlon 64 3200+, MMX, 3DNow, 2Ghz
ATI X800XL PCI-Express 256MB
Windows XP Pro Build 5200 service pack 2
Directx 9.0c
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  1. That is odd. Check your RAM for memory errors! Get a good tester like MemTest86 (runs from floppy)
  2. And if there is any errors come back to us here!
  3. Do you have problems with any other games?

    I think when I had my x800xl I ran it pretty stable with only the occasional crashes.
  4. I play oblivion too. It is a very popular game that allow users to add users made mods. Many of these mods require specific knowledge of load order of such mods. If changing the load order does stop the crashes, then you need to remove one of the conflicting mod.

    If this is the case you are having, then disable loading for all mods and just use the ones from bethesda. There should only be one .esm. Then, one by one add the next mod and run, repeat until crash.

    This is the only reason I can understand to cause a crash. In terms of hardware, I can start troubleshooting by questioning the ram. Do you have spare slower older and working ram that works with the mainboard? Keep same hardware, just swap ram and boot and test game.

    BTW, I play oblivion on amd x2, cheapo abit mainboard 6200 nvidia type, one cheapo 256mb nvidia, dual monitor setup, vista 64bit, standard game setup with vista uac. I believe this is the most oddest setup and oblivion is working fine for me. Even with tons of user made mods. However, there's one thing you can do in software to see if oblivion crashes. Increase your virtual memory, if it is off, turn it on. I have 2gb ram (cheap ones), minimal system tray apps (eight icons including idle ones), and I find it helps with long game play crash with lotsa mods.

    I also notice game crashes often happens with you context switch out of game, cruise the web, do something until you hear harddisk spinning as if swapping out ram memory data to harddrive, come back to game only to find it frozed or crashed. I have found ways to crash oblivion just by multitasking, but nothing like the ones posted. But this could be do to my game setup running with oblivion dvd image with daemon tools (32bit dvd-virtualizer on 64bit vista).

    IF anyone else reading this, I am puzzled, I install 64bit daemon tools, but taskman said 32bit process running. Anyone able to explain this or is everyone on linux? Anyone running vista64 and not embarrassed to admit it?


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  5. jonisginger said:
    That is odd. Check your RAM for memory errors! Get a good tester like MemTest86 (runs from floppy)

    They also have a .iso of MEMTEST86 and it can run from a CD for those without a floppy.
  6. How often do these crashes occur? Right when you start up, or just in the middle of some combat or just regular playing?

    Oblivion is a massive game and there are always sure to be bugs. I get random crashes every time I play the game, but not super frequently or anything. Of course, I have about a billion plugins too. But if your game just crashes every now and then like mine, then, it's not really avoidable AFAIK, bar removing your mods(if you have any).
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