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I have a new install of W7 64. All appears OAK except I am locked out from making mods into my fav flight sim First Eagles2. I am an experienced modder and have been able to do mods in the same sim in XP Pro SP3. Others running W7 64 report they can mod FE2. I noticed that the Saved Games folders, where mods are typically loaded, all appear set to READ ONLY. I see a post suggesting that READ ONLY is a "normal" setting for W7.

Is it possible to change it?
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  1. Have you highlighted the files, selected properties, and removed the fill in the Read-only?
  2. Yes -Thanksa for looking in.

    The problem is resolved. Origin was failure of software used to copy files to external HD for transfer to new machine to copy *.ini files in game files. These were buried deep in file structure and game files would not run without them (no surprise.).

    AOK now though. Beware file copy programs that do not copy all files. Big Daddy thinking is a PITA!! :bounce:
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