Mouse creating lag in all games

I had the weirdest problem start out of the blue today. I have played WoW since it came out and was playing Age of Conan yesterday perfectly fine about 50fps as usual but today no matter what game I play, whenever I move the mouse, it lags. Testing it out in Age of Conan and WoW, if i only play with the keyboard there is no lag, if I move the mouse the screen pretty much freezes until it stops moving. It is the weirdest problem I have ever encountered. I tried uninstalling Logitech Setpoint, updating drivers, checked video/sound drivers, everything. I had not changed anything at all and this just started happening out of no where and if I do not move the mouse there is no problem. I have even tried a different crappy plug and play usb mouse and I encountered the same problem.

PLEASE HELP!!! If anyone has any suggestions to what it might be I would greatly appreciate it

The mouse is a Logitech G5 and my computer specs are as follows

AMD Phenom 9550
Windows XP pro x64
Nvidia Geforce 8800gts
2gigs ram
400gig hd
soundblaster audigy 4 sound card
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  1. Do you have any drivers for any other mouses?

    I had a similar problem to this when I had a driver installed for a wireless motion sensitive mouse. As soon as I removed the drivers, the problem went away.
  2. I have the same problem, but it only after leaving my PC on for 6+ hours. I'll haft to check it out, also use a wireless logitech m&k. It's been fine for 9 months.
  3. nope this is the only mouse i have drivers for. it is a logitech g5 corded mouse also so it has nothing to do with a wireless lag =/

    the thing that i dont understand is how i literally changed nothing and this just started happening.
  4. i have the same problem as you, same exact story. sept i play WoW and call of duty 4. and today no mater what game i play i lag. and same screen problem. i unistalled drivers, reinstalled. tried different mouses. nothing has worked. only thing left to do is reformat, but i want to avoid doing that. if you find a fix please tell.

    amd 4000+
    7900 GTO x2
    2 gigs of ram
    74 gb hard drive

    g5 laser mouse
  5. for what it is worth i use only logitech ratz and i never load their drivers and my ratz are wireless,both of them.and i do fps gamez.
    see if you can [both of you] get a copy of your uninstaller pro 2006,it can check for snafu'd installations and fix same,,highly recommended..
    and have you defragged lately.
    you both have decent systems so it looks like a snafu somewhere in the file system,try not using the drivesz,unless you have software that uses/needz certain mouse functions..:)
  6. didnt help, and i defragged 3 days ago
  7. I had the same problem. I was originally on an XP/ATI Radeon box which worked flawlessly for GRAW2/COD4/WoW, then i got a new box Vista/Nvidia and then everything went to sh#t. Non-stop mouse lag on any game i played.

    First i was told it was my wireless mouse. New drivers and even switching to a corded mouse didnt work.
    Then tried numerous video drivers and still no luck. Tried tweaking my card but that only limited the lag slightly.
    Then i was told it was a vista problem. never found the fix for this going the vista route. So as an experiment, i pulled my ATI card from the dell box and replaced the nvidia with it and guess what. NO LAG.

    ATI ran just as it did on my old box, flawlessly. Go figure! Anyways ive seen numerous posts about nvidia mouse lag issues and still no updated drivers for it. They say its a vista problem. either way, i know that my ATI works fine...

    Hope you have better luck with your 2cents....
  8. nothing to do with surface you game on is it???

    i have a logitech MX laser mouse and where there top of the desk has started to rub down to chipboard. (naff desk)

    the mouse jumps and freezes all over the place if i use that patch of desk.

    or if i try to use paper it does the same im guessing this mouse isnt that brilliant.

    but a dodgy surface or dirt on lazer lense may effect your mouse quality!

    failing that jst get a razer mouse and all will be fine lol
  9. cant u just use a restore point from just before the problem started ... ?? Can Save from a lot of problems those handy restore points hehe ... ultimately ... make a full reinstall of ur system ... it always solves my problems when it tried everything :P
  10. I've never owned a mouse I needed drivers for, other than the drivers that come built right into Windows. Maybe that's the problem? Do you REALLY need special drivers to use your mouse? Seriously?
  11. snarfies1 said:
    I've never owned a mouse I needed drivers for, other than the drivers that come built right into Windows. Maybe that's the problem? Do you REALLY need special drivers to use your mouse? Seriously?
    Well.. if you install the drivers you have more customizing / setting options. I always install my Razer Drivers after a format :)
  12. I think it has something to do with vsync or something...
    try disabling it if its enabled, maybe that helps?
  13. You can switch between OS driver and setpoint driver for the mouse in set point.

    You can also adjust report frequency, usually from 125 to 500hz.

    Try fiddling with them.

    I don't use the normal setpoint so I can't really point you exactly to where it is.
  14. I have a solution for your problem. Visit my blog post about it: Leave a comment there if it helped you please.
  15. I had a problem after a new patch. Make sure you check the Graphics settings (advanced) enabling Triple buffering, Reduce Input lag, and then that Hardware cursor is NOT enabled.

    Worked fine.

    Let me know if that worked for you. Dark Iron > Rowlodge.
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