HELP! Low FPS w/ 9800 GTX on Age of Conan

Hey guys really looking for help here! I got a ned 9800 GTX for my HP pavillion a6430f. I got it just to run Age of Conan now iv overclocked my card to about 820mhz and i really dont even see an improvment from the default settings. All my other requirements pass with flying colors i really have no other idea what can be wrong i tried tons of drivers and still nothing the recent driver i have on it right now is nvlddmkm Forceware 174.74. Can anyone help me out?
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  1. What PSU? How many amps on 12V rails? Have you connected all required power conn cables to the video card? How much memory? Have you disabled startup programs preinstalled by HP? It may be limited by CPU speed if there is no chamge from overclocking the 9800.
    Reccomended system... Recommended
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz (E6600) or better
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7950GX2 or better
    RAM: 2GB or m

  2. my PSU is Phenom tri core 2.1
    I have 550 wat power supply and connected 2 required 6pin cables to my card
    I have 3G Ram
    If it is limited by CPU speed where can i check that so i can OC the CPUs?
  3. Vista?
  4. Yes with Vista
  5. I think you might need a new PSU. The video card might be downclocking itself to supplement for the lack of power. Have you tested the CPU and GPU cores to see what they're running at?

    Also, what voltage is the PSU? Just throwing some thoughts out there...
  6. Two things; 1 the 2.1Ghz CPU is probably too slow seeing as the game won't fully utilize more than 1 core and unfortunatly you most likely can not overclock it. 2: Stock PSUs on these units usually are not that good. Your 9800GTX is kind of overkill considering the limits of such a factory built PC.
  7. so then bc its factory built i really have no choice . sucks i thought id be above par playing this game with a tri core. so thers really nothing else i can do huh? what about running the game on 1 core?
  8. Funcom is releasing its multi-core support soon, with the first patch i think...
    once that happens, if u are CPU limited it should get better :-)
  9. What FPS, in game settings and res are we talking about here?
  10. BTW you can quite easily overclock phenoms. There is a trick to it, with the key being that you cannot raise the memory clocks as high as you would when raising the FSB on a intel based system. This is because the memory controller is on the cpu die and accumulates heat death quicker due to proximity to the overclocked cpu itself

    Because the mem controller is built into the cpu you have to use the bios to reduce the multipler on the memory controller when raising the FSB.

    I reckon he could get at least the 300Mhz to match min req's easily enough. but anything over 400-500 increase may be difficult.

    I don't know though because most people try to overclock the top models you may get more out of the lower end ones because the ceiling should be similar to any other particular die.
  11. As it's an HP you may not be able to overclock it! Their BIOS is VERY limited.

  12. it is very likely the phenom. had an instance with my lil bros phenom 9600, switched it out with a 6400+ and problem was gone. Same problem as you are having, low frames.
  13. Considering its a 2.1GHz CPU and the performance gain over X2 is not that great I would say that your CPU is limiting you in that game a lot. Even if it let you OC the thing is that a Phenom has no guarantee of a certain OC.

    Thats the problem. HP and the like companies will advertise a CPU and make it seem like its going to do anything. Kinda like how eMachines always sells the low end CPUs like Celerons/Semprons and they always just suck.
  14. AoC is not by a long shot CPU bound. The OP needs to give some context of his problem.
  15. bydesign said:
    AoC is not by a long shot CPU bound. The OP needs to give some context of his problem.

    It does not always have to be CPU bound but if you have a crappy CPU that is at a low speed it will bottleneck your GPU. Its like taking a 2GHz P4 and pairing it with CF 3870X2s.
  16. Age of Conan was giving me the same problem on my 9800gtx.

    First be positive you have all of the latest direct x files. Next make sure you have the latest video drivers handy. Next uninstall your video driver but don't restart. Find the invidia file folder (on the C: drive or whatever driver your system is on) and manually delete it. Then restart and then reinstall the drivers then restart again and you should see an improvement.

    I saw an increase of about 20 FPS on full max settings. Also if you game a lot, it's probably best if you use an antivirus that has minimal impact on your system. Avast is my personal favorite and it's free.

    Good luck and have fun in AoC.
  17. That driver is an old driver. Do as was posted above and delete that driver, get the newest one. Also, what brand is the psu? How many amps on the 12 volt rails? If hes ocing, and seeing no tangible results, whats that saying? Maybe its not really ocing because of undervolting?
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