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Hey guys,

So for some reason, perhaps a patch/update of some kind, I'm getting terribly low framerates in WoW.

I use an 8600GTS, e6300, 2GB of memory... Now here's the thing, I used to run 3x monitors @ 3840x1024 in WoW and it looked great. avg framrate was about 30-40FPS.

However, I've since given a monitor away and use WoW + spare monitor to do whatever. But I noticed I was skipping around even in "non-busy" area's. My framrate was between 20-25FPS, WTF?!. I was playing in 1280x1024 with all the eye candy turned on (honestly, how much eye candy is there in WoW) and then I lowered it with maybe a 2-3FPS improvement. I disabled my second monitor and it ran great... for a bit. Intermittently WoW would freeze for about 2-5 seconds and resume. After one such occasion my framrate tanked back down to 20-25FPS.

So what I did at this point was reinstall the latest drivers, no go. I checked for any updates, no go. I did notice that while I was raiding, I got disconnected, froze while logging back in, and when I finally got back in my framerate hit 60FPS in the middle of a boss fight and didn't go down at all. After a small hiccup a few hours later I was back down to terrible 20-25FPS.

The thing is, I get great framerates in CoD4, CS:Source, any other game I play, but for some reason, WoW is choppy... which is funny because it's the least graphically intense game I own.

Any and all ideas are appreaciated.
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  1. I began updating last night from playing a year or two ago.

    I think I put a strain on the servers with my massive updating and patching going on through the night.

    Should be finished sometime tomorrow ;)
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