whats a good system resource "log" program?

I want to know how much memory Oblivion uses. Here's the deal, I use 2 mods which make the game use a lot more than the original game, I use Qarl's texture pack 3 and "almost everything viewable when distant" simultaneously. This uses a lot more memory than the original game. I need to use memory purging mods to keep the game running, if I do not use these mods the game crashes in the wilderness, I think this is because I don't have enough memory.

I only have 2 gigs in 64 bit vista. I want a program that will tell me what the largest amount of memory used was, or tells me what amount of memory I was using while playing the game, maybe something that logs my system monitor.

Do you know of anything?
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  1. same question here...
  2. rivatuner will do all of that and more

    it has a resource logger

    here is a screenshot

    it also has the ability to save the log so you can turn it into graph , it will graph framerates, temperatures, memory and cpu usage, videocard memory usage, and about 30 other things that you may or may not find important


    download link

  3. I play oblivion too. My system is amd2, 2gb ram, 256mb nvidia video, and 100+ mods. I find that I have long gameplay before crash by enabling virtual memory. So, I have 2gb ram plus 4gb system cache file. I am not using any mod for memory purging.

    Also, if you context switch out of your oblivion game, make sure you pause the game first. Most often you can come back and continue gameplay.

    I am truly amaze the size of the oblivion gaming community. I thought the original "the sims" was big...but in oblivion the modders community seems to produce alot more stuff. I can even mod during game play, i.e. enlarge basement, add during gameplay custom multi-level basement, enlarge interior house layout. All done through the console prompt. It's great!

    (The Elder Scroll 4: Oblivion) Oblivion = the sims + D&D + free user mods expanding gameplay

    or for 18+, oblivion = the sims + D&D + free user mods of freaky and extreme X-rated

    Truly great game. The sims already gives you a "world" type game. The mods are getting better too. And these modders do it in their free time! I dunno, maybe it me, but when I encounter games where you suddenly fine mods that makes the game x-rated without the x-rated price tag. It's just awesome. Believe it or not, oblivion still has modder doing x-rated mods. Or atleast plans to expand existing one. Or atleast homepage says so.
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