Is it Oblivion or is it Limbo?

Article by Kevin Parrish

Majestic Studios has found itself in hot water over its newest title, Limbo of the Lost, which appears to have lifted several assets of other games, including Bethesda's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
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  1. That's crazy and obviously lifted straight out of Oblivion. I'm sure they thought, Hey it's a low budget title and no one will notice. How embarrassing to be caught ripping off someone else's models and textures. Do you think Majestic will be sued?
  2. Do you think Majestic has anything worth suing for?
  3. San Pedro said:
    Do you think Majestic has anything worth suing for?
    More than likely the publisher will take the brunt of the financial blow. I would think something like this would generate prison time for Majestic. I might be wrong.

    Here's the current list of games used as sources for LotL:

    Black & White 2
    Diablo 2 (link)
    Painkiller (link)
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein (link)
    Silent Hill
    Spawn the Movie (thanks voort)
    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Thief: Deadly Shadows (link)
    Unreal Tournament 2004 (link)
    World of Warcraft

    I love this comment found over here on (video included):
    This had to have been a scam if it wasn't a prank. They must have managed to convince some poor git to invest money in the game's development, only to spend the money on cocaine, rip a load of assets from other games and then sod off to France before anybody caught them.
    Damn Activision must have worn Rob out... he put his name on my article and gave Devin the credits in the forum ;) GO TO SLEEP MAN :pt1cable:
  4. Hey these two piles of **** look identical.
  5. haha, that is great. I can see how that discussion went ... Think of all the money we can save on artists and level designers if we just use everyone else's copyrighted work. I mean come on everyone pirates this crap anyhow, so who would even care :P

    It was probably a little home project these three guys were working on, so they just borrowed graphics. It's pretty common place as creating graphics is hugely time consuming and no one cares as typically if you arn't trying to make money. I just can't believe they tried to sell it without replacing all of those textures/images/models etc.

    That's like robbing a car lot and parking the new cars in your drive way with the dealer plates and window stickers still on them, and then running your own sale ad in the paper. This is worthy of a nerdy version of a darwin award!
  6. It's funny and sad and the same time. I kind of feel sorry for them.
  7. just looked at the trailers,
    there is a scene from SPAWN the movie where he goes down to hell.

    and the cursor is the god hand from black and white, surely they could have drawn a cursor!
    some haunting sounds from thief, are very obvious.
    Man this game looks so budget it is funny.

    it must have been a joke, or quick money and a getaway. The publishers keep saying, the devs cannot be found! I keep thinking the devs named the game LOL because it was a joke!
    Also found this elsewhere,
    Apparently, the developer has been pretending to be a player of the game on various adventure forums telling everyone how incredible the game is. Then he sent a review copy to one of them, and the reviewer helped out someone who was stuck in it. Then the developer pretending to be a player started ripping into the reviewer for letting hints out, and then posted as himself, the developer, supporting himself pretending to be a player.

    Then... they figured out the "player" and the "developer" were the same person by seeing that their IPs were the same... so the developer said that it was a beta tester and posted as a player without his knowledge.

    At another forum, the developer tried to do the same thing, got called out, and then the "beta tester" said that he was actually the developer's daughter.

    Confused? This is so awesome.

    Links to the forum postings if anyone wants to have a laugh:

    The players:

    FABLE = The developer pretending to be a player, a beta tester, or his own daughter

    MSSTUDIOS = The developer responding to himself pretending to be a player, a beta tester or his own daughter


    I love conspiracies. I fully expect these devs to be caught somewhere using fake ID's and money laundering or something.
  8. hmmm, how does that saying go......any advertising is good advertising?yer i think thats it. :p

    i must admit though, the whole situation is pretty funny. so many people genuinely pissed off with him. i applaud him!!! hahaha
  9. Ok This **** is really really
    weird. Like to the one millionth degree weird. Can you say multiple
    personality's? This is my favorite line.

    Quote From SirDave:
    You are creating a parallel universe here where the perpetrator becomes
    the victim. All of this falls particularly flat because the Gameboomers
    forum has a history of having some of the nicest, most patient and
    forgiving people on it, almost to a fault. You have to work pretty hard
    to rile them up...and they were pretty riled up at one point.

    If this developer douche bag were on any other type of forum he would have been ripped into a thousand pieces already. Gotta love the point and click adventure game crowd.

    Also I agree that this guy's probably spent all the money he recieved on blow by now and hence "Is nowhere to be found". As a recovering heroin addict, If I were a junkie and a game dev this is definately the type of scam that would suite me.

    *EDIT* Doing a quick Google search makes me think he is and avid gambler. I'm not positive it's the same guy though.
  10. If someone ISNT in deep **** over this they soon will be.

    Its one thing to 'borrow' the style and wot not from another game, but this is blatant cut and paste.

  11. WOW!!!

    I am curious if there is even going to be a defense strategy, beg and plead perhaps

    It is so obvious.. it had to be a scam, .. bravo to the man who pulled it off.. I salute you.
  12. I laughed at the "heroin junkie" comment above... this whole story is funny stuff!
  13. Shouldn't that by "heroine junkie" if it's an RPG?

    I'll get my coat.
  14. Good business model. Lower costs. Quicker production times.

    You know youtube is pretty much built on the same philosophy, except the devs of the videos don't get anything, only youtube.
  15. i honestly just can't believe that this is true, it's likely just someone messing with someone. either that or they used the materials for testing maybe? i dunno, just to get a feel and it leaked, who knows... but i just can't believe anyone would be that outright about it... especially if the imagery is from such a well known title... i just don't believe it... but, if they don't release it, how can they be sued, i think thus far, without a release, it would fall under educational use... just getting a feel for what they WANT to live up to... same way local bands do covers i guess... i don't know... i still don't believe they had ANY intent on releasing this as a title... you'd have to be down right stupid...
  16. Oh Snap said:
    Hey these two piles of **** look identical.

    Oblivion isn't exactly a new title... and I think the graphics hold up just fine in '08.
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