"mouse movement lag"?

Hello Tom's Hardware members. This problem has started happening 3 days ago, i have spent most of that time googling and fiddling with setting and such, to no avail :-(

Whenever i am playing my games and i move the mouse the game will lag severly, however while moving using the keyboard it is fine. So far i have found that it happens in Call of duty 2 + 4, World of warcraft and tactical ops. However it works with Battlefield 2.

Solutions tried so far:
changing mouse, both PS2 and USB.
Re installing drivers.
changing game settings

As changing graphics settings had no effect and moving using keyboard is fine it leads me to believe that it is a mouse problem. However as i have tried different ones and installed drivers, it can't be. To conclude; I dont know WTF it can be! :sarcastic:

Short video and a good song to it ^^: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCPAFts-e3o

Any Ideas? Thank ye for ye time.
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  1. I used to have that problem with WoW myself. The way I fixed it was turning, I believe, Hardware Cursor on/off. I haven't played the other games you mention, but thats how I fixed it in WoW.

    Sorry if that's a little vague but I can't log into my account to check the actual setting, but I'm 95% sure it was Hardware Cursor.
  2. OK, thank you v. much for the reply.
    I was just about to try now, strangley the problem has stopped :-S. Same as for what caused it, dont have a clue why.
  3. ahh, i have found the problem, it is something to do with xfire. it works fine when its turned off.
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