characters slowing down in some games

I'm just wondering why certain games slow down for instance age of empires,supreme commander when your sreen is full of armies.Is this normal the more characters on screen the slower the game or is my system bottlenecked.
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  1. on any system there will be some slowdown when more characters are visible on the screen because more work needs to be done to render, them, it is mainly a GPU bottleneck though
  2. and SupCom will bottleneck with lots of units regardless of whether they are onscreen or not.
  3. you can always not look :p
  4. Actually, a lot of RTSs with large numbers of units will bottleneck at the processor due to the pathing and AI of hundreds of units at the same time.

    Sup Com is particularly good at this and is widely considered a good benchmark for CPUs.
  5. I've never played any online games,so i imagine i would have the same problems.I figured switching from a 8600 gts 512 to a 9800gtx 512 would cure this somewhat.These are the games i am playing now.Crysis,Lost planet,Timeshift,World of Warcraft,World of Conflict,Bioshock,FEAR Perseus mandate,Supreme commander forged alliance,& numerous others.Thanks for your replies.I'm bit of a newbie but I'm learning from reading the forums.AS you can see i get bored of playing just one game.
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