so, i installed gears of war on my pc, it installs just fine, no error messages, i have updated my cpu driver like it told me. Once i try to run gears of war, it goes to the black screen, where the game should load but instead just sits their for about 5 seconds then goes back to the desktop. Dont even get to see the menu of the game. Now when i install it on even my crappy computer it installs fine and i can actually get to the menu of the game but since the computer isnt that good the gameplay is terrible and cant play. But it wont start up on my good computer. plzzz help me

im running windows xp pro service pack 3
geforce 8600 gt
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  1. I think the CTD error you are getting is often caused by running the game from the Autolauncher - when I ran the game from a shortcut I made I stopped having that problem

    I've not played gears in quite a while though, so I can't remember if the problem I had was the exact same as yours, but it seems to ring a bell.
  2. ok, so if ur talkin about making a shortcut to "startup.exe" file, then yes i did that and it still gives me the same problem. I see the gears of war picture for loading or what ever and then it goes to a black screen where it appears as if the game is loading but after about 5 seconds i minimize to my desktop. it doesnt make sense that it works on my crappy comptuer but wont even load up on my good one.

    :o omg plz help me fix this
  3. I have the same problem too i think it doesnt have a fix
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