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I have recently aquired a new peice of trash in my room, a Tyan Tiger S2460 with two Athlon MP 1600's. Can somebody tell me if Athlon MP CPU's can be used in a non MP Board? Also which Athlon MP Mobo would you recommend if any? This system WAS running FreeBSD 4.7 perfectly before frying :( Dammit this room stinks, better get some fresh air!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Yes, of course. The MP's are really the same thing as a normal Athlon, just tested to a higher standard.

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  2. So how did u manage to fry ur Athlon MP's ???????
    It doesnt just happen........i dont c how heatsinks just "fall" or the CPU just "frys" for no reason....

    Anyways.....that dual board is a very good one.........
    Otherwise the ASUS A7M266-D is a really good board.....

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  3. The CPU's are fine I think, but now that I know I can test them in a non MP board , and I will do so. Suspect Mobo is defective, if all other components work, it will be totally confirmed. The only component left to test now is the RAM, and I am not sure how easy that will be to test. I don't think all DDR based Mobo's will operate with registered DDR.
    BTW thanks for the recomendations.
  4. I have an A7M266-D board with dual mp2000's running XP pro that I built myself about a year ago. This rig has run beautifully for the past year. I recently noticed that it has slowed down considerably during the launch and execution of various apps. I went into task manager/performance and discovered only one cpu was recognized. I rebooted and went into bios and the cpu1 was showing as empty. I exit without saving changes and the board would not post. I opened the case to find that one of the plastic mounts that holds the northbridge heat spreader intact was missing and the spreader was simply hanging by the remaining mount, not hardly touching the northbridge chip at all. The smooth silver piece on top of the wafer chip really doesn't look damaged, it has a little red goo(thermal paste?) on it. I removed the heatsinks and processors and to my relief they looked ok(I've never fried a proc, but I've only built 6 systems). I installed the mp2000's in another board I have(ecs l7vta v1.0) one at a time, but upon installing them the board wouldn't post(this system runs fine with my xp2500). I am scared to death to try to install the xp2500 in the asus board to see if it will post. I have a pci led post code card and inserted it into the board, powered on the board and the card gives me an 'AA' and nothing else. I have used this card on various other boards and the first code it usually gives at power on is either 'FF' or '00'. I have not yet tried disconnecting ide/floppy cables or uninstalling the ram.

    Any advice or help is truly appreciated, I really am having withdrawal from this machine not working(only been two days).
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