Asassin's Creed

So i just bought this really great game, and i must say its really great.

But one thing that i cant understand (and im not sure if its a bug or intended), but when i lock on an enemy, the four buttons (attack, grab, step etc) grey out and i cant use them, to attack, i need to lock off the target. Im still early in the game, i just went out of the city you start in (where you fist get to ride the horse).

And also, what does Multi-Sampling do exactly, is it AA?

Thanks :).
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  1. Nobody?
  2. Btw, when i lock on, i get some tutorial message on how to perform a strong attack but considering how the attack button wont function when im locked on, i have a feeling i messed up the tutorial or something.
  3. 1. you're right, its proably just because of the tutorial. Just enter a battle and do what it says and you should be fine.
    2. Considering this is a console port, I was very displeased with the graphic settings. They really weren/t clear about anything. I would assume that yes, multisampling is AA. I think its's 2x, 4x, and 8x with each bar, but I could be wrong.
  4. Ah i fixed it, turns out i turned on the setting that pressing the button to go to high profile (by tapping it), makes high profile stay there, and to go out, i need to press the button again (as opposed to default where you have to hold it).

    Dumb me :).
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