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Just throwing this out there. I'm building myself a new PC, and am considering using the Soyo K7V Dragon Plus mobo. I've heard all good things so far, and it looks like a really nice board. But now I'm turning to the ones in the trenches to see if you guys have had any good/bad experiences with it?


I hate computers..... why am I still here?
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  1. I haven't had any experiences with it, but I have also heard good things about the Soyo Dragon boards.
  2. I've got one and it's rock solid. But why are you going with older technology (KT266A)?

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  3. Because it seems to have alot of nice features and is fast enough for me. It'll blow any other computer I've ever had out of the water... :)

    I hate computers..... why am I still here?
  4. OK, then go for it. But how much are you paying for it? The A7N8X standard model can be had for around $120

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  5. that board is in my main system. i have no troubles. couple little bumps in the road though. the sound was messed up a little, driver upgrade fixed that. and for some reason when i go into the bios for anything it defaults my usb controlers to all disabled, kind of anoying. other than that, ive had great luck with it. i would recomend getting the nforce 2 board some one else recomended.

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  6. The cheapest I found it for was $109 at I ordered it today actually....


    I hate computers..... why am I still here?
  7. How was your sound messed up? Hopefully it comes standard with the updated drivers now.


    I hate computers..... why am I still here?
  8. it was fine with winamp, or media player. but in games, particularly counter strike, loud booms would sound like static at the climax of the sound. if i were playing awp_map with a lot of people the sound was un bearable. i updated the drivers and the problem went away.

    my computer is so fast, it completes an endless loop in less than 4 seconds!
  9. Let me tell you my 8 month nightmare about Soyo:
    1.) I bought a new board, 2 months later it died from FAILED CAPACITORS. In fact, I helped initiate an investigation into the problem of a few manufacturers using defective parts (manufactured by a shady company who stole a formula and didn't follow it properly).
    2.) I contacted Soyo about the failed board when it was LESS THAN TWO MONTHS OLD. They told me where to download the RMA form and where to send it.
    3.) I sent an RMA, no response for several weeks, I called them, ~45 minutes of long distance later they said they didn't have a record of it.
    4.) Repeat step 3
    5.) Repeat step 3
    6.) Repeat step 3
    7.) Repeat step 3
    8.) Repeat step 3. Finally they FOUND my RMA request and gave me an RMA number, BUT they said I would have to PAY THEM A SERVICE FEE TO FIX MY WARRANTEED BOARD.

    Since this had already cost me over $20 in long distance phone calls, I called it quits and went into the motherboard repair business, which has netted my some nice profits.

    A lot of IDIOTS have actually gotten all heated up about me speaking the truth, arguing that it was only 1 incident (NO it was 6 RMA request, 6 follow up phone calls, makes 6 incidents), and that you probably won't end up with a defective board anyway (NOT a good excuse to the people who do), that other companies do the same thing (I've never had this problem with Abit), that Soyo makes a better board (then why did they use defective capacitors), and that this was long ago (It ended last October, just a few months ago). Basically, all the arguments to cover up the things I've said have no merit.

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