ECS K7S5A = opinions

The good, the bad, the ugly on the ECS K7S5A motherboard.
No OCing

Will be installing XP Pro
XP2000 CPU w/Cooler Master DP5-6J31C-01
ATI AIW 128 video
WD 40GB 7200 HD
Using O.B. sound and NIC

Logic goes away if it is not the first or seemingly obvious answer to a problem. :eek:
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  1.'s a value motherboard which is based on the Sis 735 chipset, which is good, but the board tends to be bad. This is probably due to its poor power regulation, as it needs a good PSU. It doesn't overclock well if that's what you're asking, but in the end, I can't reccomend the board, hearing all the bad stories.

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  2. Buy ECS K7S5A = Buy problems

    About SiS 735:- It's a good chipset, but slower than AMD 760. So if you don't care about this fact, then only buy a SiS 735 based mobo

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  3. Yo M,

    This is one of the worst mobo's, in terms of quality control, that I have ever used. If the K7S5A mobo that you get works, it will most likely be okay for you.........most people are reporting that you have a 50/50 chance for getting a "DOA" mobo. I don't like a product that has a real world 50% chance of wasting a good 3+ hours of your time, which includes assembly, trouble shooting, and RMA processing. If you like these kind of odds, please by all means get this mobo.

    If I were you though, for just a little more money, I would get a Shuttle AK32A, which is also a dual ram(2 slots DDR + 2 slots SD-Ram) mobo based on the Via KT266A chipset.

    Peace Out...................tile2

    Why do you want to believe me?
  4. I have the board and it's awesome. I've never had a crash. Combined with WinXP pro I think the board is great.

    However, judging from what I've seen on this board, their quality control was lacking. It got better, but it defintitely was bad. Some people went through 3 or 4 boards before getting one that worked. I'm sure some of it was user error, but most was probably quality control. Last year this board was very very popular and ECS was having a hell of a time keeping up.

    You need a good powersupply as stated above. I run the board on an Antec 400W.

    Would I buy it today? Probably not. This board is old now and there are other value boards out there.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">This forum</A> is the place to go if you really have questions about this motherboard.

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  5. I'd go with an MSI 745 Ultra. It's an SiS 745 board far superior to the ECS boards (any) in quality, and it cost less than $10 more.

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  6. I've had a K75SA fow awhile now, and had to mess with it too much (though it's perfectly stable now, and XP Pro works just fine). Are you looking at buying 512 SDRAM, or re-using what you have? Suggest you take a look at a low cost DDR based system if you're buying new.
  7. My main pc was using this mb for about 9 months. POS. I reinstalled tons of times, swaped every piece of hw, sys would just randomly reboot. It was sad that I built my 2nd pc mostly from parts I bought in troubleshooting this Mb. I wanted a 2nd pc anyways, and as I upgraded each part of the sys it worked out well.

    I have a a7n8x in my main box, asus k266? something in my 2nd box.

    My bestfriend got this board too, and after 4 months it just stoped posting, no OC'ing or anything crazy on it. Another friend has 2 of them in pc's at his place and has never had a prob with it.

    There's a reason its the cheapest mb on the market, or close to it. At the local Frys(like bestbuy w/ every computer part you can imagine) I saw 3 people in line at the same time one day returning this mb because it didn't work .

    Getting a antec 480wt ps didn't make mine work any better. 3 ps's, 5 sticks of ram (2 of which no post in this sys but work fine in my other), 2 hdds, 3 video cards; always random reboots. All my hw is working fine on other mb's right now.

    I vote don't get it.
  8. I just got 2 and have a friend who has had one for several months. He said he's very happy with it. I've built the 2 systems but have only powered one of them. I had bad luck with ram, but a new stick and the system boots. I can't say that the system is overly sensitive to ram or I just got unluck with my ram chip. Other than that both went in real easy. 2 things I don't like is no fan header near the CPU for an exhuast fan and the placement of the Main power connector. The CDrom audio and IDE connections are a little annoying too but not as severe.


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  9. If you want a value mobo for with onboard sound and no frills, it's fine.

    Needs name RAM and a quality PSU though, so it's cash vs cash.

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  10. TilePusher,I cannot relay to you how big of an idiot I think you are, If you honestly think that ANY Motherboard maker could possibly do successful business with 50/50 yields, then your idiosyncrisy know's no bounds...looking at last years prophit margin, ECS was one of the only mobo companies who didnt see a drop in customer spendatures and actually fared extremely well. But you would probably have us believe that it was because they burned so many people...(shaking head)...dips**t

    Craig M
  11. It depends on what revision of the board you recieve...I think there are like three revisions out right now....the latest is supposed to have less problems than that of the other two as I hear....I personally have built a couple systems wiht this mobo and pc2100 and have had no problems although the MSI 745 is a much better way to go as others have suggested!
  12. I used to run the K7S5A on my system, and it was DOA. RMA'd it and had another and that went fine. BUT, it does need good branded RAM, another harsh lesson I learnt (the very hard way, in the pocket).

    Either the MSI, or the Asus A7S333, both vgood mobos.
    And if I ever find that sonofabitch that recommended the K7S5A to me, I'll cut his plums off!
  13. I have built one computer with the K7S5A and have 2 friends that bought it also. No problems with any of them, but I think that I was just very lucky. I got the board because it initially had very good reviews because it was so cheap. Well, if you get one that works, it should serve you well. If you don't, it is no fun. I would like to also add my vote to the MSI 745 Ultra. MSI is a much better company than ECS where quality is a concern.
  14. Mine worked great with my gf2 ti 200, but once I put in a PNY gf4 ti 4600 I got all kinds of trouble after 4 weeks of perfect operation. At first I thought it was the gf4, but I tried it on my dads spanking new Gigibyte kt400 board, and it worked fine.

    I think it has problems supplying enough power to the AGP slot. I put in my old voodoo 3 (I sold the gf2 to buy the gf4, DOH!), installed some 3rd party driver for XP, and it works fine. Sucks for games though. I'm going to upgrade in a month or so, and use this MB for my server.
  15. Ironically, I had no luck with the MSI 745 ultra, and ended up spending the extra money (well, my parents did ^^) on a Gigabyte Ga-7vaxp. Also, my friend bought the K7S5A, although I think it's the new revision, 3.1.1 something with a stock 300 watt power supply. It works fine, but i'd be willing to bet its due to the new revision (different colored pcb maybe?)

    Instead of Rdram, why not just merge 4 Sdram channels...
  16. Yes, MSI boards are great. My MSI K7N420 Pro runs 100% stable with one Kingston and one generic (hynix chip) memory module in Dual channel mode. I'm using a dirt cheap 300W generic PSU, no problem with it. I used this system for 5 months with a 230W PSU, it had zero problems. Anybody can tell that this is possible with ECS K7S5A and other ECS mobos?

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  17. I ended up buying this board - was in a hurry, second rig died. [sidebar - A7V226 w/Athlon 1.3 died. after some trouble shooting I brought the MB and CPU to the shop for testing. CPU was dead. Had them test the board just for the hey of it. Ha ! They killed one of their CPUs. Board was bad. The tech kind of laughed to.] {TranMicro in Minneapolis MN.- great people, good prices ! }

    Got the board and a XP2000 for $180 with a 1 year warranty (had to have shop mount the cpu on the board to get the warranty).
    Got home and put it in the case with an A-Open 350 PSU, 2 256 SDRAM and an ATI AIW video card. Using OB sound and LAN.

    This was several weeks ago. Board is work fine. Most of your replies indicate that most problems with this board were right out of the box.

    No problems so far. Did I get one of the revised boards or just lucky ??? Guess time will tell.

    Thanks for the comments (I think).

    Logic goes away if it is not the first or seemingly obvious answer to a problem. :eek:
  18. Seems popular to slam this board. Many have prolly not tried it, but are parroting what has been said before. I don't have a lot of experience with them, but the ones I have installed are all rock solid. Why complain about having to buy a quality PSU? YOU SHOULD BUY A QUALITY PSU IF YOU WANT A QUALITY SYSTEM!!!

    goldarn the pusherman
  19. The price of the ECS was amazing when it came out. More of those have been sold than probably the next 5 most popular mobos of the past year or so combined and you really mostly see the comments of the dissatisfied as the users that are happy have no need to comment. That's probably a lot of why you see so much about it. If you follow the FAQ on OCWorkbench, you aren't likely to have much problem with it. IAC, I would go with the AOpen AK75 if I were wanting to build a SiS based system today. However, if you need to use the SDRAM you already have, then the ECS is one of the few options available. The new Shuttle KT266A based mobo is a good alternative.
    . If you don't need to use SDRAM, then look at an AMD 761 - based mobo. They are stable, mature, fast and CHEAP DDR solutions (particularly the GA-7DXE).

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  20. Yo GeneticWeapon,

    Why, Yes I am a Big Idiot..........Thank you, tell your friends. How many ECS K7S5A systems have you built? I have heard that the newer ECS mobos are much better now, but as far as the K7S5A goes, it either works or it is DOA. Who do you work for? I don't work for any mobo maker. Why do you think that this mobo is better than 50/50? Just because it seems like it should be? Or are you speaking from experience? Why don't you tell the orginal poster what a great mobo that you think this is? This is just my opinion, based on my experiences with this one model of mobo. Again, what are you basing your name calling on, other than you think I am a Idiot? How does this apply to the K7S5A mobo? In your opinion, is it a stable mobo? Is it worth your time to put together a system with it? I have never seen anything close to how bad I have seen with systems that I have built with this mobo. You can believe what ever you want, but ECS has made most of their profit on sheer volume, not quality.

    Peace Out.............King of the Idiots-Aaron K

    Why do you want to believe me?
  21. Yo bonesdad1,

    I have never started a post slaming a product, just to start a new post. Someone else started this post on the ECS K7S5A= opinions. This is just my opinion. I don't understand why anyone would take my opinion as fact, when I don't believe anyone knows me or has even met me.

    As far as complaining about having to buy a quality PSU, I always use Antec, Enermax and now Thermaltake of at least 350 watts or more. In my mind, I only buy Quality PSU's, I have never had a problem with any of these brands of PSU's. I have not complained about PSU's or even Ram. I only use Crucial, Kingston & Samsung for DDR266/PC2100, & Samsung for DDR333/PC2700.

    Thank you for shouting at the King of Idiots(tilepusher & tilepusher2). I will take your advice & I will continue to buy quality PSU's. As far as wanting/building "quality" systems............. how could a Idiot like myself know anything about anything, enough to build(or know what a quality system was) anything. You are right though,

    "Why complain about having to buy a quality PSU? YOU SHOULD BUY A QUALITY PSU IF YOU WANT A QUALITY SYSTEM!!!"

    I should throw in, "why complain about having to buy a quality mobo? you should buy a quality mobo, if you want a quality system." Without the shouting, at us Idiots who don't know that, but can read/hear just fine. Whatever.

    I did say in my response to "mjjohn", that he should get a Shuttle AK32A mobo. As far as "Budget" mobo brands go, Shuttle makes the best no frills mobos out there. I am not a Hater. I do try to give people options. I do not know why "mjjohn" wants opinions on the ECS K7S5A. I do not know why you and "GeneticWeapon" want to post responses to my idiot opinion. Buy the K7S5A & laugh at me. I do believe that SiS is making some of the best chipsets today, I just don't believe that the ECS K7S5A, is making the rest of the mobo well enough to do this good chipset justice.

    Peace Out.............tile2

    Why do you want to believe me?
  22. Well said!
    In my experience, the SiS chipsets are one of the most reliable and stable, and combined with a good mobo manufacturer, is a winning combination.

    I don't think there is a definitive answer to the ECS conundrum. Some of their boards work first time out of the box, and forever more. Others are born to be a bitch and give grief, thus putting people off ECS, and, more depressingly, SiS.

    Each to their own I guess. If they work for people, great...
  23. I still get the impression that anytime an awesome chipset comes out, and it gets popular, you would think it sucks by looking at this forum.

    After all, people with problems come here. Look around and there's a hundred problems with the Nvidia Asus A7N8X. Yet I got it to work perfectly just like I got the ECS K7S5A to work perfectly.

    I urge everyone to report when something good happens. Don't just report the bad.

    Also, I think a lot of people talk about products they don't own. I feel that most people got screwed by the IBM 60/75GXP fiasko since everyone was pushing those hard drives no matter what. Then they all died.

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  24. I agree. But the truth of the matter is you get flack that way.

    Such as "You built that? You should have built this. What are you doing with that thing in something like this. Boy you should have gotten some other thing."

    I'd like to see more successes & how they were done. But the nature of the forum doesn't seem to allow it. Also the average age on here is young, & when your young, theres only one way, my way or the hi-way.

    You do see some successes but there few & far between as stated above.

    Such as it is there's one whale of a lot of info here if you do want to learn what's going on in computers.

    BTW I've also set up A7N8X,s & haven't had a wit of a problem either, but that doesn't make me a guru with that board & I'd be the first one to tell you that.

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
  25. I once aired my views on a similiar subject on these very boards, quite pleasantly I may add, and had to dive for cover 'cause of the amount of snipers taking shots at me!

    I agree, more positivity is needed!
    As for the info in here, I must admit, the amount I've learnt about PSU's alone has solved countless probs at work. It's a great place to learn!
  26. Yo RobD,rcpilot,dhlucke,

    I totally agree with all of you. I have been negative in the past(sometimes very negative). In the future, I will try to limit myself to only positive responses. Having said that, I also believe that most of the posts are not very truthful. Most of the hardcore THGC members like "Crashman" & "Fatburger" are very knowledgeable/helpful, but the bulk of this community, are just here to slam(take your pick): AMD/Intel, nVidia/ATi, Via/all other chipsets...... I believe for the most part, all the components that are beening built right now are very good in quality, regardless of brand or config. Having made that statement, I read my own sources on the net, and for the most ignore all good or bad posts, unless they come for someone who's history in this community, comes across as beening open-minded & knowledgeable. I will stop posting, negatively about Dual ram Athlon mobos(these are my opinion not worth the money-save for the Shuttle AK32A, all other dual ram mobos you are better off choosing a DDR mobo & throwing down for new ram), Athlon XP 2200+(first .13 micron Athlon, high heat, bad Over-clocking), & all Mac's(yeah if you are a girl/and or you want the prettiest, costly, non-upgradable, paper weight....... Mac's rule!.......just joking! I wish I had as much love for Anything as my Apple friends for their Mac's.

    In my world, I walk a idiot's path of trying to save people money & provide a decent amount of reliablity. The people I build computers for want it cheaper than Dell, with just as much performace & stability..........this means I often try cheap/budget mobos. Like all of you, I have found out the hard way, that Quality PSU's,Cool/Quiet HSF's & good Ram, are the foundations of a perfect system and I have my favorites that I now always use in every new system. I have been tweaking my 4 home systems constantly looking for better cheaper alternatives......but there is always a trade-off for lower cost. If one of you start a new Post, asking our favorite brands/makes & models, I would love to join in with my picks(thus starting my new positive community attitude).

    Peace Out...............tile2

    Why do you want to believe me?
  27. Tile,

    Respect, my friend!
  28. Mine also!!!

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!!!!!!
  29. Yo RobD & rcpilot,

    Thanks guys! I hope to keep learning about hardware as technology keeps moving forward & to keep a open mind about brands as newer companies gain better manufacuering knowledge & production........ this will be the hardest part as even "Crashman" can only be burned so many times before he gives up on a whole product line. I still haven't been burned enough to give up on Via or Creative Labs.......but I might get away from Via, since there are much better options right now..........also Hercules sound cards are looking better & better......One day, one company is king, the next day their stuff is manure. One day, a company goes from "who are they", to the next day when they are the savior of the industry. Everybody has skeletons in their closet, the hardest thing is guessing who is making the best product for the money on the day you make your purchase. Live & Learn.

    Peace Out................tile2

    Why do you want to believe me?
  30. For the past three years I've been building systems with ASUS mobos (also two ABITs), mostly the A7V series and I can't tell you how touchy those ASUS boards are for very good power supply systems and certain kinds of fast RAM. I bought the ECS K7S5A to throw a system together for my kids out of existing other parts and it booted right and runs fine with a 250W PS and old RAM, none of the problems and touchiness that I've experienced with ASUS MBs. After a lot of reading (here and elsewhere) I want to try MSI next time but in the meantime, no problems with the K7S5A.
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