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Its by birthday soon and i'm going to get myself a game. I already own rainbow six vegas 2, CoD4, Crysis, Frontlines Fuel of war, Assassins Creed, GRAW 2 and Medal of Honor Airborne. I am considering Race Driver GRID or some other FPS game. Any Suggestions?
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  1. Orange Box will keep you going for a while.
  2. I'd like to know too!
  3. race driver grid is the best game ive played on a pc in 2008
  4. Mass Effect!
  5. Orange box, portals short but a amazing game, and tf2 is brilliantly fun online, and well half life. Enough said?
  6. How about Bioshock? Won alot of awards for game of the year, haven't played it personally but looking forward to owing it soon.
  7. I third the nomination for The Orange Box.
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