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I transfered game files saved on a 32-bit system to 64-bit system. It was the Sims 2. I transfered all my neighborhoods, cache files, and lot files, etc...that was in the EA games folder. Could this be the reason my game keeps crashing? Should I just use a 32-bit system now?
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    On 64bit vista, if you do default installation, you have enable UAC. Actually, 32bit vista has UAC too. Are you coming from 32bit XP?

    Anyway, on 64bit vista, UAC exists, in other words, microsoft kept restricted write access to c:\program files\. Microsoft then virtualize c:\program files\ for each user who can logon to vista.

    So, runtime write changes to c:\program files\ can be sent to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\program files\

    Yes, I hate UAC, but must live with it since microsoft is the master controller. har har.

    First, merge updated c:\users\...\program files\ with c:\program files\. Just drag with explorer and overwrite.

    Second, go back to launching shortcut icon, create it if appropriate, and enable different run compatibility mode. Like run as xp compatible, or run as administrator.

    Since it is your home computer, and sim2 came out before vista, you gotta do what you gotta do to run it. Like run as admin, virtual store may still be in effect but atleast you know programs will not be denied write access somewhere...


    p.s. appdata\ is a hidden directory. Must unhide in explorer to view hidden directory.
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