FOR SALE: Cosmos 1000, Corsair HX1000 UNUSED.

I know, its not armor, but it is some pretty nice comp parts.

My mission was to build a workstation computer for my vfx work, but, i did not thoroughly plan ahead and It costed me some money...and room space.

Cosmos 1000 case.

Corsair HX1000

So, i would like to get rid of them to free up space in my room.

I have up for sale a coolermaster COSMOS 1000 chassis, along with a corsair hx1000 modular power supply. I intended this PSU and Case to be used for my workstation, however, the server class motherboard does not fit properly inside, so i have to get rid of it.

The Cosmos 1000 case typically goes for $160-$200, im asking for $120.

The corsair hx1000 powersupply goes for $250-$280, im asking for $200.

I have all the original packaging materials, boxes, foam, paperwork, etc for each piece. None of this equipment has been used or operated, just put together in the case in preparation for the motherboard and other components.

The case however, has been modded on the right side. I removed some sound proofing foam which prevented me from closing the right panel completely. I packed a great deal of the PSU cables behind the hard drive cage to give the interior a much cleaner look. I also installed 3 powerful exhaust fans, 1 in the back, and 2 at the top. Each push about 135 cfm. I also installed another fan at the bottom for intake, which brings in about 78 cfm of cool air, and another on top of the hard drive cage.

This case is very stylish, almost completely tool-less, and has a lot of room for future upgrades and expansion. Makes for the perfect gaming case.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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  1. come on, this is a great case with very good cooling capabilities. The PSU is very powerful with lots of connections. Any takers?

    Im opened to any offer.
  2. I would buy it except I already have a good case and PSU for my main rig, and can't afford to spend any more $$$ to build a third system... =(
  3. i understand. its all good. i think i might have a potential buyer for the PSU. but im not sure, so everything is still up for sale.
  4. bump.
  5. I'll offer you $90 shipped for the cosmos. It looks like you've cut away some of the noise reduction foam
  6. yea i had too. Most people do because if you try to manage the cables behind the HDD cage, you wont be able to close the panel. How about $100 shipped?
  7. give me a day to consider
  8. did you get my pm? ill take you at $90.
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