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Hello, This is my pc: motherboard : GIGABYTE EP43-DS3LR Cpu : INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q8400 2.6 GHZ Screen Card : PALIT GTX 275 896 MB 448Bit GDDR3 Ram : KINGSTON HYPERX 4 GB (2*2) 1066 MHz DDR2 CL7 Hdd : SAMSUNG 500 GB 7200RPM 16MB SATA2 Psu : OCZ StealthXstream 600W My question is should I install 32bit or 64bit for gaming? I mostly play steam games and some other mmorpgs. thanks!
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  1. with 4Gb its 64bit or waste 1.5Gb of ram, as you'll only have about 2.5Gb available to you with 896 on the gpu.

    i'm running 64bit and have seen no problems.
  2. so if only 2.5gb will available to me so games will work slow etc?
  3. perhaps, i'm seeing 3.5Gb in use on a 6Gb system running stalker, bf2, bf2bc, the xray engine for stalker cop uses 1.5Gb on its own. 64bit costs no more than 32bit so there's no point in not getting really.
  4. so you recommend me to go for 64bit with 4gb ram?

    And play games with same&better performance? Not lower?
  5. I only have experience of 32bit vista to 64bit win7, and have seen no issues at all, perhaps performance is lower, perhaps higher, i can't help but think that access to 4Gb of ram will be better than access to 2.5Gb of ram. like i've said i've seen several games getting well into 3Gb of total ram usage, so under 32but surely some of that memory would end up being swap space, and that can't be good.
  6. For gamers, there is no reason not to get 64 bit now. Driver support is firmly established, and there is virtually no performance difference between 32 and 64 bit flavors of Windows.

    Go 64 bit. It will only cost you more to get 32, then realize you should have gone with 64 instead.
  7. You will not lose performance going 64 bit. You are unlikely to gain performance in games either unless the game is in 64 bit code. Most games have a small footprint that must be processed quickly. In other words they do not use a large amount of RAM. The highest I saw a game go is 2 GB RAM. It is in other areas of computing that 64 bit and 4 GB RAM deliver. 64 bit is also good future proofing. Go 64 bit.
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