WTS: 146gb 15k rpm Seagate Cheetah SAS drives / Dell Sas/5i

Looking to sell three 146gb 15k rpm Seagate (Cheetah 15K.5) SAS hard drives and a Dell Sas 5/iR PCIe controller card, will include a cable that goes from the multilane connector on the controller to the three drives.

Exact drive model number - ST3146855SS - 3.5" size, 2.5" platter; 3.5ms read seek and 4ms write seek time, 73-125MB/s sustained transfer rate (according to the factory specs, available at

The controller's model number is UCS-51, and uses the PCIe x4 interface. User guide available at .

Local (NorCal) deals preferred but can ship. Please PM me if interested or if you have any questions.
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  1. what are you asking for all 3 drives and the controller?
  2. I think $400 + shipping for the lot would be pretty reasonable.
  3. I'm willing to take reasonable offers, and will also trade towards a fermi based card ;)
  4. what is the warranty status (or are they non xferable to new owner) on the drives and the controller?

    sadly no one has a fermi based card atm lol, do wish they hurry their buts up tho... I want price drops or crazy perf
  5. Nonstalgia said:
    I think $400 + shipping for the lot would be pretty reasonable.

    $400 is too much, Dell Sas 5/iR PCIe is getting sold for as cheap as $56 and being an old one, this should be worth $25-30 and for HDDs it should be 3x60= $180. the total comes out to be little over $200.
    If interested in the deal for this amount then calculate the shipping charges to India. Will pay through Paypal.
  6. Theholylancer - I'm not sure about the warranty. I bought the drives used and that was an issue I didn't think of asking -- I've only experienced drive failure with old, overused drives and a few low-end sata ones -- it's probably something I should've considered though. Because I don't know, I'm going to have to consider the warranty void for all intents and purposes.

    Now as for you, your majesty...let me get this straight. Your majesty wants me to sell everything to you for way less than its worth based on your personal evaluations, AND you want me to ship it all the way to you in India? Let's not forget the blatant disrespect for my request for communication via PMs and not outright posts so you can hardline me into accepting your price?
  7. lol i think he is confusing 15k SAS with 7.2k sata drives

    because new sata 7.2k drives are around what he is saying, and should be 56 dollars max

    15K sas 146 GB is around $200 new for 3.0 GB/S model (older junk stock that they never moved), and $300 new 6.0 GB/s soooo don't back down on these

    that said, I have found out that the new patriot SSDs come with a 10 year warranty, and thus my intent is moving in that direction since the only reason I didn't buy ssd is due to warranty and they fixed it. I'm sure someone will likely pick these up tho, and hopefully not someone in india that doesn't know what the going price of enterprise level storage.
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