Selling my fairly new machine

specs are as follows:

antec 900 case
asus p6t deluxe v2 motherboard
intel core i7 920
Vigor Monsoon iii LT CPU cooler
12GB 1600 MHz 8-8-8-24 Low Latency patriot viper ram
LG super multi blue BD/DVD/CD drive
2 x sapphire radeon hd 4890 OC vapor-x edition graphics cards
WD caviar black 1TB HD
antec tpq 850 psu

I know that a new computer with these specs can generally run upwards of $3-4000, what would be a fair asking price for this custom built machine?
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  1. i would say the parts alone could sell for around $2000. since ur selling as a system u could sell for a bit more then that

    EDIT: wait is the ram 3x4gb or 6x2gb? if its 6x2 knock off $300
  2. ram is 6x2

    and I'm not going to try to sell this to someone who can build their own computer, that would be pointless, I'm looking more to people who want a good computer but don't know how to build.
  3. I'm not sure if people are paying that much for a custom build.

    I didn't have any luck selling my i7 build for $1400, and ended up parting it out for $900 for everything except the video card and case+psu.
  4. I think you'll have a hard time selling it. People aren't buying high end PCs. Browse Ebay. The systems that are getting bids, are $100 - $500 systems.
  5. How much would you sell only one of the sapphire radeon hd 4890 ??

    I already have one ....

  6. email me the price @ ( )
  7. If you're willing to part out, I'd be interested in the mobo and CPU.
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