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I would like to know if there is a way to save all address book in Outlook and all the emails that I save in outlook. I am planning to reformat the drive and re-install WinXp. Is there a way so that I can have all address book save and all emails.
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  1. Open Outlook and select File -> Backup...
  2. search for file with .pst extantion (it is usually in XXX:\Documents and Settings\userX\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft, copy it to whatever, copy back to where it belongs afta da job.

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  3. The first reply works IF you have the latest Outlook and an addin. The second way will work, but it's like wanting to build a chimney snd going out to make your own bricks first.

    Go to the File menu. Depending on your version of Outlook, click on 'Import and Export' or 'Export', follow directions for exporting the address book and messages.

    OR you can do it the EASY way- go to and download a copy of Genie Backup Manager 4.0. It's shareware, so you can use it without pay for a while. This backup software will back up whatever you want to whatever medium you have available. Then you restore it all once the new setup is in place.This software makes all backups easy, because you can save things like the Outlook or Outlook Express settings, rules, user accounts, address books, and messages just by clicking the proper checkboxes. You don't have to know where the things are kept.

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  4. ok, THE bestest way of having ALL the data ALL the time not touched by ANY software crashiz/reinstalliz will be to keep it in the DATA partition, which is VERY bestestest way of RIGHT doing safe mail operations in the business environmintz as it is.

    PS: just keep your data .pst file on the partition wich is never touched, that's what I do since I was "born" ;)>

    PSS: that way no body has to ever backup/restore/archive/wateva anyting.

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  5. Copy your .pst file from Outlook directory into "xxx:\MyAlwaysReadyForMeMail" folder on the data/backingup partition, name the file "I_Love_My_Mail.pst" and point your outlook to use that file ONLY. It has a little curve of finding all the ins and outs on how to do it, but once you get it, you are the master of the mail universe.

    PS: by the way, what Outlook do you have?

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  6. <A HREF="" target="_new">Express Assist 7</A>

    Best software I've ever spent money on, you can try it for free I believe.

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