Cpu usage spikes 100

When i use my usb modem on my hp 620 laptop the cpu runs at 100% all the time. Is there someone who can help me fix this.
If i look under task maneger it is the mobile connect program that does this but it doesnt do that on my pc.
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  1. When you say "USB Modem", is this something you plug into a USB port or is there a phone jack right on the notebook itself?

    Some laptops have software modems which require a lot of CPU when in use.
  2. uh...he is referring to a USB mobile broadband

    it is a USB device that lets you go on the internet but it connects to the internet the way that mobile phones does -- 3G, so it means you can use it virtually anywhere, as if you're using a phone..

    But I myself don't know why...I also use USB mobile broadband and it doesn't do that to me..
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