Preventing Internat.exe to load with IE5

Does anybody know by any chance how to prevent Internat.exe to load with Internet Explorer 5? Internat.exe is a litle program in the system tray and it contains the properties of the keyboard.
Dr Watson says it could cause stability problems and I don't need it for I don't want it to load again...

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  1. Hmm, never had a problem with this.

    You can switch it off via ctrl-alt-del.

    Just did this and Windows is still functioning as it should.

    Does Dr. Watson specify the problems it can cause?
  2. I know you can shut it down with ctrl-alt-del and did it several times, but each time I start a new copy of IE, it just start up again.
    Dr. Watson just says: If the taskbar starts reacting weird, try terminating Internat.exe
    If experienced that when my computer starts hanging and I terminate Internat.exe, it runs normal again. So I don't want to let it start again...
  3. That program doesn't load when I use IE. Since it is keyboard related, try looking in Settings/Control Panel/Keyboard/Language. Mine says United States 101. If you click on the properties button, you can change the keyboard layout used. Let us know if this works.
  4. Mine says Dutch, cause I live in Belgium. And there's is an option to make the same icon appear in the system tray, but it seems to work independantly and has no effect on loading it with IE.

    Meanwhile I found a solution to my problem... I just moved all Internat.* files in the \windows\system directory to a selfmade directory in \windows\. IE does not give any errors and the program doesn't load anymore with IE because it doesn't find the program any more on his usual place...

    Thanks for the advices...
  5. can you boot to dos/another os and just delete the file?
    More often than not, I cure problems with windows by just deleting whatever is my problem-child....
  6. I moved them to another directory, that's about the same as deleting the files (internat.exe and because IE searches in \windows\system\ but doesn't find them. Like you would have deleted them. The reason I moved them is that if something went wrong or IE gave errors, I could restore to the original setup.
    So you can delete them from DOS or Win98 without a problem, but terminate internat first with ctrl-alt-del if you do it in Windows...
  7. Good call on moving the files. It has never occured to me to ever do that.
  8. Internat is related to having multipule languages installed on your computer for internet explorer. to un install it try goint to keybord setings in control and removing any othe languages in there. for example assuming you speek english (UK) and it also has french and you cant speek it. deleat it :) its for multilingual people only so they can view web pages in lots of languages.

    Hope that helps.

    nb moving ie may not apper to create problems but some software will want to put plugins in its directory and i dont know if windows is smart enough to redirect them to the new dirctory.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by secretninja on 03/21/01 01:41 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  9. Windows won't be that smart...hehe
    And your suggestion of deleting languages until only one is left over... I tried that before moving but that didn't have any effect.
    But thanks for the suggestion... if you or anybody else has other ideas, post them, because I'd rather solve the problem in a different way than moving files...

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