Speedfan showing +0.0 volts on +3.3

Hey i'm new to this forum, and wasn't 100% sure where to post this....

But anyway, I just bought a Codegen 550W to temporarly replace my old 300w, and when i goto speedfan under +3.3v it shows +0.0v, and I would like to know why, because i have never seen this before...is the PSU defective...or is something else wrong with my system?

PC specs are:
Win 7 HP 64 bit
Intel Core Duo 2 e7500 2.93 ghz
4 GB Kingston DDR3 PC 10700
WD Blue Caviar 500GB HDD
Nvidia GT 240
Codegen 550W PSU

My temps are good and never reach near 50 under load.
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  1. Not sure why this was posted in Windows 7 forum, but Speedfan's ability to correctly display voltage is suspect at best. Go into the system BIOS and check under 'hardware monitor' or similar for more accurate voltage readings.
  2. Yeah, I wasn't 100% sure where to post this, but I checked my BIOS and it's locked up by Dell...that's why I was using another program to see my voltages. I've tried HW Monitor Pro and it doesn't show +3.3v anywhere. Would there be a better program to use besides the 2 I mentioned?
  3. Try hardware Monitor Pro and see if it shows up.

  4. I've tried it, nothing.
  5. The BIOS or MB may not monitor the voltage.
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