wacky a7n8x DX issues, please advise!

I am dealing with a fidgety ASUS a7n8x deluxe
and was wondering if anyone could help me out.
I am installing a copy of win2k pro from scratch
and am having problems, here they are.

First off, After a restart from the BIOS,
it doesn't post. I can hear fans going
but no on screen POST. This has also occurred
when restarting the windows installation.

Secondly, It incorrectly posts as an Athlon XP 1500
when I bought and have confirmed my cpu to be an
Athlon XP 2100. I have the frequency at 133
and the multiplier set at 13 to give me 1.73 GHz.

Also, any suggestions as to what settings
I should have in the BIOS for optimal
performance? I have a 256 MB DDR 400
Corsair XMS (CL2) I know I can't take full
advantage of the memory speed right now,
but I'd like to configure it to full

Thanks in advance for the assistance!
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  1. What bios are you running?
    Do you have any cards installed?
    If you have a sound card, make sure onboard sound is disabled

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  2. Make sure the FSB jumper isn't set to "200mhz only".
    Mine was when it was shipped even though it's not
    the default setting.

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  3. well, from everyone reading my posts and threads.. i think alot more people are awhere of alot of the problems..

    a few people have had the same problems as us..
    but many people have not, and say the board is great
    i think that us few who had problems are just unlucky and got a crapped out board... so i wish to say at this time, that @ the time when i was all hot headed and saying crazy stuff..(if you read the posts you'll see how crazy i was getting) i just wanna say that newegg.com isn't a bad company to deal with, just didn't get lucky with them, although they gave me no hard time taking back the board, they didnt charge me for any restocking fee's, and i also returned the rounded IDE cables i bought, i highly don't reccomend them.. i think they suck.... they aren't very bendable, .. i got the coolermaster ones.. although the floppy cable was nice.

    i also wanna say that the A7N8X board isn't bad, it has excellent features, cool software package and extra goodies...

    also the layout isn't that bad, i like it alot, and can't forget the excellent sound and dual lan? i don't know why you need dual lan for, but it sounds cool!

    when i had my board running @ 133 @ 2200+ speeds, my pc was flying..

    i just can't wait to get it running @ the real speeds.

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  4. "First off, After a restart from the BIOS,
    it doesn't post. I can hear fans going
    but no on screen POST. This has also occurred
    when restarting the windows installation."

    Resetting the cmos might solve the problem
  5. yup... id reset the cmos, then go right in and set your memory for "agressive" settings. you can go to the corsair forum for exact settings for that board.

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  6. Thanks for that piece of advice.
    I'll clear that puppy out and
    see what happens!

    Muchas Gracias
  7. i cleared the CMOS i don't know how many times.. and changed a load of memory timings, so basically if this don't work, im gonna leave it @ the xp2200+ speeds, and sit tight and wait for a good bios to be released.

    guy on the phone told me that it should be out around a month

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