WTS: Asus Mobo A8N-SLI Deluxe

Taking offers on this beast that was top of the line a few years back!

Manufacturer: ASUS

Chipset NVIDIA nForce4
Compatible Processors AMD Athlon 64
Front Side Bus Speed 1000 MHz
PCI Express x16 x 2 • PCI x 3 • PCI Express x1 x 2
RAID Support • SATA RAID 5
DMA/ATA-133 (Ultra) x 2, Serial ATA x 4
Socket Type Socket 939
Memory Slots 4 x 184 Pin DIMMs
RAM speeds 533 MHz/400 MHz/333 MHz/266 MHz
Max Supported RAM - 4 GB
Audio Output - SPDIF Out • 7.1 Channels • Optical Out
Integrated Audio Realtec ALC850
Audio Input Microphone Jack • 1 x Line In
PCI Express
Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
Dual Channel Memory Architecture

edit- cleaned it up a bit.. if you want to know any other specs, just ask.
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  1. You have a lot of writing here, but very limited information on the actual specs of the PC. It does seem like one of the many obsolete PC's you can find on craigslist for $100-$150.
  2. It was a blatant copy and paste from a website that had the board information, I'll update it a bit more when I get home... the original buy price was $350 a few years back though, I don't think i'll get anywhere near that now ;)
  3. Definitely won't get that price now. 939 socket is obsolete, and rather expensive or at least hard to find CPUs for it to match performance.

    I honestly don't know what you could sell this for.
  4. I'm hoping there's somewhere out there that could get use out of it, its a very nice board even by today's standards and runs MW2 / WoW without any problems.

    when I get time, I'll just bundle this board with the Thermaltake heatsink/fan and CPU =)
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