Age of Conan CRC error when trying to install from disc, Please Help!

Ok so yesterday I went out to Akihabara and got myself a nice 4850 and a thermaltake duo orb fan for it, computer boots up after installing windows ultimate 64 bit and various other driver files. I then after 3 hours of loading software from my USB HDD, you know dvd editing stuff and winzip etc, I thought it was time to try installing age of conan which had been sitting in my room for the last 3 weeks.

I go to install it and get CRC error it halts the install process on disc one about 65% through then asks to retry, abort or ignore. I tried to retry but it gives me the same error, I tried ignore which was not recommended but later on the same CRC happens again, basically in every big file on disc two.

I decided that this was strange and tried to end process, but my computer was not responsive so I powered down as it was 1am and I had to go to work. I am going to give it another shot tonight, I was thinking if it is a CRC error should I try making an ISO and mounting it then installing?

I never had this problem before, it is the first time I have used 64 bit windows vista ultimate, is that the problem here? Should I format and install XP pro SP3? I got 8 gigs of ram so vista would run smoothly and now I worried that I should have just got 4 and stayed in xp pro.

All advice is welcome I am stuck and frustrated, please help.
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  1. CRC= Cyclic Redundancy Check - basically meaning that you've got a read error from your CDR. Try cleaning your CD with soap and water. And try to make an ISO; probably you are lucky and the disc can be read like this. You could also try to use another drive...

    Good luck
  2. If you've only had the game for 3 weeks you can probably exchange it at most stores. Otherwise I'm not sure if AOC has a downloadable client yet.
  3. Ok I got the game working, but it was through no intervention of mine. My wife came home and wanted to run the new liquid jet system aka my rig, she saw "Do you wish to install age of conan?" thinking it was her adobe flash player she was trying to install, and lone behold when I came back home it was sitting on the screen for "Please insert disc 2 to continue the install".

    So it just fixed itself, weird and wonderful and I don't want to think what it was about as long as it's fixed. I was expecting this long 4 hour update as well, my aoc update only took like 40 minutes, it was fast, downloading at the beginning at 2.5Mb/sec then stabilizing at 800Kb/sec.

    Thankyou for the suggestions though guys!
  4. Oh, BTW I consider Vista 64 Bit the ONLY way to play conan, it really takes advantage of 3+ Gigs of Ram, with all the textures etc. Make sure you adjust the Texture cache size all the way up for less pop-in, See you in Hyborea!
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