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Recently I have noticed my OEM Windows 7 Professional install is slowing down. Its taking longer at start up, and has just become cluttered. I would like to re install Windows 7. I have a Lenovo Thinkpad SL510, (2847-CTO). But here's the problem, I don't have a reinstall disk. There was none shipped with my computer. I bought this laptop straight from Lenovo's website. I have my serial number and everything on the laptop. I have created many RECOVERY disks, (from a factory installed partition, using windows built in tools, using Lenovo's built in tools) but none of them give me the option to do a clean install. The files that I need off my computer have already been backed up.

So here's my question: Is there anyway I can obtain an OEM install disk to do a clean install?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Most of the time, there's a page on the manufacturer's website that lets you put in your serial number and prompts the manufacturer to ship you a backup CD for a clean install. I have a Dell computer and an HP computer, and both manufacturers shipped me OS disks at no cost so I could do a clean install. If that doesn't work, just call Lenovo customer support and see what happens.
  2. Your restore partition will restore your laptop to the way it was when you first purchased it, as will the restore disks you created from the restore partition.
    If by clean install you mean without all the Lenovo's extra software then you would have to purchase an OEM copy of Windows 7. In addition you would need to download all the drivers required.
    Your best bet is to use the restore option and uninstall any extra programs that you have no use for and create an image backup without the extras.
    Alternativaly you can do a cleanup and uninstall stuff you don't use and defrag your hard drive.
  3. I deleted the restore partition, and the disk dosen't seam to do anything but repair windows without an install disk. I will try calling Lenovo. Thanks!
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