COH - can't change graphics settings?!?!

I just got a new laptop, and installed Company of Heroes on it. Was giving it a test run, and find that the graphics are too intensive for it, so I try to lower them. I set them all to "low" or "off", and then hit apply. The screen flashes, and comes back asking if I want to keep these settings. I click yes, and when I go back into options, I see that none of them have changed at all!! Am I doing something wrong?

1.6 gzh pentium dual core, x3100 graphics, 2 GB ram, vista ultimate

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. did you accidentally press no?
  2. no, I didn't accidentally press no. I did purposely press no, as well as purposely let the timer bar expire just to see if that would work.
  3. You must click the affirmative before the time expires lol
  4. tried that too!!

    anyway, I wasn't trying to play it at any decent settings, just trying to play at the lowest settings possible, and just trying some different strategies every now and again on it.

    I just don't get it, and it's very frustrating!!!
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