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I don't know. I own a Wii but my kids are about the only ones who play it anymore. I have always been a fan of PC. My business is pc based and I guess I generally feel like it is a more mature piece of equipment. But that line of thinking is a joke really. I am one of those crazies that upgrade dual 9800gtx to the new 280. I spend a lot of money on upgrades. Money is not the number one issue for me. Performance and overall enjoyment is priority one. So with that in mind, are the graphics, sound or gameplay any better on a 360, PS3 or whatever else is out there? I play in sli and if I was using a console, I would probably use my 40" Sony HDTV.

Keep in mind, I am not asking which console is better. I just want to know the difference in quality between pc vs console. Thanks.
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  1. Before I say anything this is all personal opinion

    Unless you stay on the bleeding edge of pc hardware, console games are always going to run smoother. That's simply because console developers don't have to factor in different hardware, different gpu manufacturers, and that makes things a hell of a lot easier for them.

    Also consoles will always have more games because of the popularity of consoles. It's a supply and demand kind of thing. Most of the time it starts with parents not wanting their kids messing with their computers so they buy their children a console. As those kids get older they have fond memories of games on consoles and get newer consoles to try to create more good memories, and eventually buy consoles for their children. Snowball effect and whatnot.

    That said... I still think the PC is a superior gaming platform. Control schemes would be the major argument. Playing an RTS? Mouse is the way to control it. Playing an FPS but don't like keyboard and mouse? Plug in a wired Xbox 360 controller and use that (or buy a nice Saitek one).

    The one thing PCs have going for them is the 'aftermarket' gaming communities. Mods, addons, custom maps, custom characters, no console will ever allow such a huge range of community input.

    Also PCs have nicer loading times, by far. Example: I have a PS3 and recently got Metal Gear Solid 4. I put in the disc, 8 minute install, maybe a touch longer than it would be on my PC. I get to the end of chapter 1... another 4-5 minute install. Ok now I never had to do that on a PC before, unless it was a whole new expansion, or a game that was released online in an episode format. The most I'd have to do is a disc change which takes at most 30 seconds (searching for case that's after being hidden under snack wrappers, other cases, headphones, etc).

    It's easy for PC to compete with PS3 and Xbox 360, though competing with handhelds and the Wii is a different fight... one it shouldn't fight in my opinion. Let them have their niches, since people need something to fall back on when their arms get tired from too much Sonic & Mario At The Olympic Games, and PC is perfect for that... no console has gel filled wrist rests ;)
  2. The only reason you would get a console right now is for the exclusive games. I have a PC & an Xbox 360, the only games I buy for the Xbox are games I cant get for the PC. Such as GTA4, Halo 3 and the likes, I personally want to buy a PS3 now, as I am a huge fan of the Metal Gear series. Besides I am on my 3rd Xbox now as I have to keep sending them back to Microsoft as they keep breaking with that RROD problem that all 360’s seem to be having. And I really just want to have a console I can rely on not to break every 6 months because of poor build quality.

    But anyway to cut this short PC versions will always have better graphics than the console versions but you will simply have to wait longer for the games, that’s if they ever get released at all. But keep in mind the PC format also has exclusive games, they do however seem to be on the decline though.

    For instance you still cant get the Total War series of games for any of the consoles, nor can you get a huge amount of PC shooters for the consoles nor a fair amount of RTS games or MMORPG’s. So if your asking for my opinion your best sticking to the PC which looks like you spend loads of money on anyway, unless there is game you cant live with out playing for any of the consoles that is.
  3. PC gets my vote. Don't know if anyone else can see this but in some console games, i can see it jerking because of the 60fps cap or whatever it is, also halo and gta4 are overrated. The pc can also last longer in my opinion if you but a the latest equipment once it will last you longer than any console as you can tone down the graphics. And you can also upgrade gradually, rather than getting a new console at like £500 on release.
  4. PC for me...consoles amuse me for a fair time in the past....but I haven't really gone out of my way to really getting one passed...Playstation/Dreamcast days. I'd just rather upgrade my PC and play games on that....but that's just me.
  5. PC, the new console games like GTA4 have slowdowns in them which renders that whole "games will run smooth cause there made specially for the console" argument completely null and void.

    PC is more powerful, more customizable, more flexible, and the games are cheaper and look better, run faster than the consoles.
  6. well said
  7. I guess consoles are the poor mans PC. ;)

    Common anyone that has the choice of getting one or the other has to get a PC, hey you don’t even have any backwards compatibility problems, for the most part you can still play 1995 Dos games. :)
  8. It depends on the type of games you like to play. FPS, MMORPG, RTS, and flight sims will always be king on the PC. If you like sports, action/adventure, 3rd person shooters, etc. the console is probably the way to go for you. There is really no "better platform", it's just choosing the one that fits the types of games you like to play.
  9. The adventure game Oblivion was better on the PC, and Max Payne... did they ever do a console release of that 3rd person game? I liked playing racing games better on the PC than I did the console also, I got one of those true to life steering wheels for the PS2 for Grand Turismo 4 and I only ever ended up using it for the PC. The Need for Speed games were great on the PC with a wheel, much better than any of the console versions. The better frame rate made it a much better game, the consoles always juddered to hell.

    Really I would say even the type of game is subjective on personal choice, some people may like RTS games on consoles some may like them more on the PC. I do know however I did really like RTS games like Command & Conquer and Red Alert on the PSX but once I played Star Craft on the PC I never did go back to the PSX RTS games. But then again after Warcraft 3 I never played an RTS game till Command & Conquer 2 game out on the PC.
  10. At the end of the day pc isn't just keyboard and mouse, you can use controllers too so pc wins?
  11. I have an x360 controller for PC and a Rumble Pad 2, I end up using the xbox controller more, like GRID, and old roms. Used it for most of Bioshock too (pc connected to tv).
  12. PC

    Nuff said.
  13. If you look at the top 10 games for consoles, the only ones that aren't on PC are either company exclusives like metal gear solid or GTA4 (which will be on PC)

    I'd say if anything, consoles as a platform truly lack simply because there are not enough exclusive titles for consoles to make buying one worthwhile if you already own a good PC. This is not withstanding that PC has had many good PC exclusives, including (but obviously not limited to):

    Just about every Blizzard game; Starcraft, Diablo series Warcraft series, World of Warcraft

    Crysis, World in Conflict, the majority of the Command and Conquer games, the many, many source mods; The Witcher (!!!!!!! although it might make console eventually), F.E.A.R series

    Anyways, PC games tend to have more longetivity and better online multiplayer components but one place that the console tends to really outshine the PC is Co-op play and single system multiplayer - which does have a great deal of appeal to many people.
  14. There are also some fantastic exclusives for the consoles as well like Rock Band, GTA4, and Mario Galaxy. Again, it depends on the type of games you like to play. I love PC gaming because my favorite games are first person shooters. However I absolutely love my Wii. Nintendo did a great job with the system, and the games are as addictive as ever.
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