Too Slow for Age of Conan? Need some Advice

Ok So here's what I'm running:

AMD Athlon 64 LE-1600 2.2GHz
A gig of DDR 800
7200 RPM Drive
Radeon HD 2600 XT

Now my questions is this, I run linux as my main OS so that would be the reason why I cheaped out on the processor. The fact also that I think single core is enough and that the entire investment in dual/quad is just ridiculous for the price point. But for this game in particular I am seeing about 24 FPS, and yeah it loads kinda slow. Everything is on low with no anti-aliasing or shadows. I don't mind this one bit I actually prefer it. My favorite game of all time is EQ and the graphics in it, I actually prefer more of the ps2 choppy style. Yeah I'm odd. Now I borrowed another gig of memory and like I thought it affected the performance but not how one would want it too. I understand it's an MMO and your going to have server lag but I think if I ran closer to spec that it wouldn't be as bad as it is. Now my real question, do you think if I got a faster processor that it would do me more good than investing in a better video card. Usually I can trump a slow proc with a nice card but for the first time I'm starting to think that this is not the case. Anyone who is reading this that wants the best proc for the price I highly suggest a amd 64, they were great back in the day and they're still fast enough for anything you throw at them and heck mine was 35$ lol. But give me some suggestions. I'm running XP.
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  1. You can probably get a faster processor for your current motherboard, which might not cost too much? (Although i think the ideal price point for A64s went past a while back - they're getting rarer now). Upgrading both GFX and Processor might let you squeeze a bit more life out of the old dog.

    Have you considered/tried overclocking? I've not tried on my A64, but then the most demanding games I've got are X3 and CoH so I'm not really taxing it!
  2. Age of conan has som bugs with ati cards. Check their forums but i think the bug isnt fixed yet
  3. check this website before you buy a game :) and youll know if u can run it
  4. Sound like you're getting great performance for you system.

    I have a love hate relationship with AoC just to let you know.

    I certainly wouldn't bother to play unless the eye-candy was turn on. Without it there just no other stand out features. It is hands-down the best looking MMO to date and likely will remain that way for a couple of years. There are also a lot things broken and plenty of bugs. Then there is the lag issues which seems to effect everyone. Most importantly you do have bare breasts with nipples ;)

    You need more memory 2GB min 4+ to avoid the out memory bug. A modern PCIe GPU is a must for this game as well. Yours is newer but not all that great of a gaming card. A 4850 would be a great card for you, not sure you have a PCIe MB though.
  5. I have an AMD Athlon 64 3700+ Socket 939 collecting dust in its packaging. If you have a 939 board i'll sell it to you. It has no heatsink though as it was an OEM.
  6. ^ I believe that the LE-series are Am2 =(

    BTW: How much are you gonna spend on this rig? most will be replaced...
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