Valve Comments on the Future of PC Gaming

Valve Comments on the Future of PC Gaming

There are some interesting statistics quoted in this article:
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  1. Woah! 260 million people online on pc!! That's like the population of the USA! Take that my console friends!
  2. or enemies..

    PC owns, the consoles are slowly getting features we PC players have had for years (and we have more choice). Cross game chat LOL, Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Xfire (yeah it has voice chat, our clan used it when our TS server was down once, and now video recording, have yet to try it).

    Games stuttering, crashing, and hardware failures, welcome to the new generation of console gaming lmao.

    PS I jate ate some great chinese food, and i'm all super hyper (prob from the chocolate bars and cake i've had to today..)
  3. Valve knows whats up. Makes me wonder if maybe those companies that quote statistics like 90% piracy are getting them by comparing number of people playing versus NPD sales figures. It wouldn't surprise me terribly much.

    The best thing Valve could do to counter this opinion is to release sales figures.
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