300W Power Supply Enough?

Is a 300 Watt power supply enough to power an Athlon XP system with two extra case fans and only one hard drive, floppy, and CD? My friend says I probably need a 400 Watt, but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance.


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  1. Yes if you get a 300 watt ps then you should be working fine, but it all depends on what Athlon XP you are getting, if you plan on getting a 2400+ or above then i would recommend a 350w or better. If you get the 300w and plan to upgrade later, like get a cdrw or a dvdrom or an extra harddrive then i would go with a 400w ps.

    Im running a 1800+ XP with a 350w ps, and its running fine.
  2. A sure fire way you can tell is to take all of your components and add up the power consumption of each and subtract that from how much power you have on each of your three power supply rails (3.3V, 5V and 12V)....if you dont exceed what your power supply offers then you should be fine...
    Also another way to tell is to power the system up and monitor the voltage rails...if they show a good bit below the specifications then you can guess that the psu you are using is not enough to power the system or a you bad power supply in that respect....
    If you plan on upgrading your power supply make sure you get a quality brand!..I strongly suggest enermax or antec...for example a 300watt enermax can out power a generic 400-450watt power supply on the 12V rail, which both the pentium 4 and the athlon xp uses so you do not want to go cheap in the department especially if you plan on overclocking.
    To sum it up check your power supply specifications and see if it is enough by adding up your component consumption of power
  3. Having a large power supply allows room for expansion. Also, checkout the guid on firingsquad (sorrie, don't have the link. I think the main point of that article is to have a strong 12v line/
  4. here's the link for that <A HREF="http://firingsquad.gamers.com/guides/power_supply/" target="_new">article</A>

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