Myst Online Making a Comeback?

Article by Kevin Parrish

Myst Online appeared dead when GameTap cancelled the MMOG and shut down the servers earlier this year. But now the game's developer Cyan Worlds is mounting a restoration plan.
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  1. huh, I'm not sure I've ever even heard of this title.

    I assume it is an MMO Adventure game...

    Not sure how that would work.
  2. I remember playing the first MYST when it came out. I wonder if anyone actually enjoyed that ''game''. I never touched it again..
  3. I liked Myst back when it came out and Riven blew me away when it came out too. Yeah, it's boring if you hate puzzles but the graphics were the absolute best back then. They were completely top notch. It helped usher in the CD-ROM era, after all and is probably the single game that popularized it. Riven is probably the only game that completely immersed me with its environment and made me feel like I was there. I never got around to playing the other games. Puzzles really aren't my thing, but girls love those sorts of games. I was more of a Journeyman Project fan back in the day.
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