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Hello guys I am new to the forum..I just got a PS3 and I figured that I could connect it at my PC lcd monitor which is a Samsung 305T 30 inch that runs at 2500 x 1600 native resolution and has a single DVI dualink input . I got the following cables HDMI-DVI and HDMI to DVI dualink and no matter what I do it won't work . I am desperate because I tried every setting. I did connect it to my XFX NVIDIA 9800 GX2 HDMI input and it immediately got the signal with both of these cables. I need to mention that on the NVIDIA control panel I was getting the option of 720p and 480p although the monitor runs at native 2500 x 1600. I even tried blue ray movies on my pc and run perfectly .Do I need to follow a certain process? Can anyone tell me any hints to connect my PS3 to this monitor please I am desperate thank you.
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  1. well your monitor supports a resolution of 2560 by 1600... nothing on the ps3 out puts that... that highest it outputs is 1080p... so its always going to scale up on your monitor... as for it not working I don't know... was thinking of getting an xbox 360 and hooking it up to my 19x12 monitor
  2. Off the top of my head, if your monitor doesn't support HDCP, then it won't work even with the right cables...

    Check it out and see if it does.
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