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I take a walk to my local EB and look around the pc game shelf keeps shrinking and the amount of good releases are far and few between.

The software companies are trying to figure out what has happened to the pc game market and blame piracy for there problems.

Well that is not the problem the problem is fps have saturated the market most people are now sick of these games thus they don't buy them, the marketing guys have still to figure this out.

Most guys my age like rpg's and rts and make up a large portion of the market, the lack of rts and rpg shows in sales for past 2 years.

What they need to do is put out more variety instead of fps,fps fps,fps

Its been quite some time since i have seen a good rpg or rts still waiting to buy some.....
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  1. lack of rts? supcom, company of heroes and world in conflict ring any bells? as for rpgs, the witcher, oblivion and oblivion are all I can think of off the top of my head
  2. I would have bought Mass Effects (developed by BioWare), but EA's DRM for the game was excessive enough for me not to buy the game.

    Maybe if EA decides to loosen the DRM or if it becomes available on STEAM, then I buy it (if I still have interest).
  3. WoW, guildwars, CnC Tiberium Wars, Earth Wars, Witcher, Oblivion, Supcom Forged Alliance, Mass Effect, FABLE, Vampire bloodlines, Dawn of War < all of these are RTS/RPG or RPG/FPS.... plenty of choice to get you started.
  4. i forgot, Bioshock.... sorry for another post, but quick edit no longer works...
  5. I'd include Stalker with oblivion lost installed in that list; but I think the retail stalker had way too much cut from it :(

    Oblivion lost really added a lot back to the game for me playing through the second time~
  6. crysis
  7. Quote:
    would you include stalker in that list?

    i had forgotton about STALKER, but yea that's an RPG and a FPS.
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