cant activate xp..a loop that i cant break

I got this message when trying to boot XP
"A problem has prevented Windows from accurately checking the status of the license for this computer. To proceed your copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft. Do you want to activate Windows now?"
If I click yes and after I input the activation code exactly when I hit FINISH an error will show up and when I reboot it I will be ask to reactivate again. I cant break the loop. I cant access it in Safe Mode either. This is a computer we sold at the store to a guy that already has screwed 4 PCs the last one and this one exactly with the same problem. He likes to download lots of porn and you think it could be some virus?
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  1. I'll ask the obvious questions; Are you using a legitimate CD Key that hasnt been used on any other machine? And have there been any major hardware changes to the machine recently?
  2. Perhaps this will help?

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