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ok im having problems with hellgate london i think something is wrong here but b4 i move on heres my specs
Ultra x blaster case
Q6700 quad core 2.66
750 watt ultra lsp power supply
2 xfx 8800gt 512 alpha dogs
4gb ocz sli memory
250 gb hard drive
2 coolermaster 120mm case fans
zerotherm cpu cooler
xfx 680i lt sli motherboard
running vista home premium 64 bit

ok when i start the game i get 5-10 mins into it and the screen goes black im not sure what could be going on but another time the game froze anyone know of these issues i know i here alot of problems with nvidia drivers im just looking to fix them or find a way so i can get on gaming any help or suggestions im new to this
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  1. I'd say the OS. Nvidia has pretty bad drivers for Vista, not to mention the fact your using 64 bit...
  2. so you think its the os i know someone out there has to have the solution someone in the world somewhere plays hellgate on 64 bit vista they have to lol
  3. anyway to get an older driver or anyone that knows the problem and if it could be fixed :( im getting a gametime card soon might play wow so id like to fix it b4 hand
  4. I played 64-bit Vista with Hellgate for a while (few months back) and I never really encountered a real problem, I ran it on DX9 though as I prefered a steady high framerate for a better gameplay experience.

    Is it just your game that's crashing? Have you tried running the game in "Window mode"? Tried changing the video settings to minimum and seeing if you get any other results?

    Personally I've found 64-bit Vista to be very steady since I got it, not sure it should be pointed out without testing anything else first.
  5. Hellgate doesn't support SLI cards properly at the best of times. This is likely your problem.
  6. Isn't alpha dogs factory overclocked version. If it is it may be Your problem that one or both of the cards start to give errors when heat up. I have bought couple of factory overclocked cards on e-bay that are sol as faulty because of similar problem. Then I modified card bios to Nvidia reference clocks flashed modified bios and cards are running 100% stable. And sold on e-bay again as fully working non factory overclocked cards. Try reducing clock speeds for cards using Riva tuner and see if problem goes away. If it does and if they are still under warranty get them replaced. If out of warranty then use them with lower clocks either with Riva tuner or reflashing bios. Also Running 2 cards are producing more heat than one so You are more likely to run into problems. Make sure You have good airflow.
  7. thanks for the help ill run it in windowed mode and lower settings maybe dx9 the sli could be the problem cuz the 64 bit os is running smoothly so far and no i dont think the alpha dog is the overclocked version not sure the i just got the regular one
  8. i was running hellgate in windowed mode today with default settings on dx9 it did good for about an half and hr or so and would lock crash and sometimes my pc would restart by itself i heard some 32 bit drivers could be used but correct me if im wrong im new at this also would it be worth it to turn sli off just to play i mean i payed quite a bit of money for that to not use it anyone got any suggestions or help?
  9. "lock crash" as in the the whole OS?

    I myself used 2x 8800GTS 512MB XFX Alpha Dog cards and they've treated me quite well. I wouldn't use 32-bit drivers, infact I'm not even sure if it'll let you install them to be fair.

    ainarssems has made a good point, try running the game in window mode and get something that'll monitor your cards temperatures, crank up the settings to DX10 and the rest to get a fast result. Do this before you underclock the cards as you may not need too if it's temperature related.

    Last but not least try the 169.69 driver if you haven't already, found they've treated me alot better then the 17X.XX ones.
  10. thanks everyone was really good help as im new at this i know it cant be airflow tho xblaster case with 2 120mm fans one intake one exhaust asauka ill try that driver just to see im hoping it works quite well but it could be the driver i also changed the fan speed from the default to 60% its a little bit louder id say now but we will see how it goes
  11. I blame HGL. Officially my worst game purchase ever. I'm not saying its HGL fault out of spite. I'm saying it because the game is literally infested with problems/bugs. I've personally got lucky and had a couple encounters with these unexpected 'features'. Try running without SLI like mentioned before.
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