How do I flash my bois without a Floppy drive?

I want to flash my bios, yet I don't have a floppy drive. The bios can only be run from a dos enviornment and I run XP. Is there anyways I can start up in DOS or how do you create a bootable cd without to much trouble?
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  1. go to and download the xp version and save it to a folder.burn the file to the cdr disc.go into your bios and make 1st boot device cd/rom drive.
  2. or just buy a 10 dollar floppy disk u should have one for times like this
  3. That doesn't work. The program is an .exe which tells me to insert a floppy disk to make a bunch of bootable floppy disks.

    Why waste $10, I don't even use floppies anymore.
  4. It depends on what motherboard you have. Some manufactures have Windows based applications that will flash the bios. I can flash my A7N8X with the Asus Update utility directly from the desktop.

    <font color=purple> You know its bad when license plate letters all look like file extensions </font color=purple>
  5. I already stated that my bios can only be updated from a DOS enviornment ONLY in my first post. Thanks anyways.
  6. But why not say what's the name of your mobo? I have a Gigabyte mobo and the bios ugrade I do it in XP
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