NCAA / Madden 09 ALL-PLAY for the Wii

I am having a tough time deciding whether to get NCAA Football 09 for the Wii or Madden 09.

The new ALL-PLAY system for the Wii looks really, really fun.

NCAA comes out next Tuesday July 15th and Madden comes out a month later.

I don't think I am going to be cable to contain myself for a month.

Which would you buy?

Nintendo Wii NCAA Football 09 ALL-PLAY Trailer:

Nintendo Wii Madden 09 ALL-PLAY Trailer:


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  1. I prefer NCAA games over professional games, but that may be because I am able to play as my school, which I am more attachted to. Since I am apart of the University I just like to play as them. Wreck'em Tech! Oh I am getting the NCAA game, but im getting it on my PS3, so... my opinion may not be the best to take in.


  2. Thanks for your input. I am still undecided. I think the Wii Videos are showing the unfinished game. I noticed there are no players, coaches, members of the media, and cheerleaders on the side line.

    The madden verison looks like it has better graphics too. However as I said the NCAA videos they have out there may be the unfinished version.
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