Found Intel MB - dual-channel DDR Ram that

That is bundled with a full system,(let me know if you want the company name) good for those like me strapped for time.
Will anyone offer opinions about this Mboard? It's made by Asus,PG48X deluxe -
Would like to hear from those of you who can break down the specs and give opinions...thanks!
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  1. I wouldn't. Asus screwed up big time on that board.

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  2. How so? I found a couple of online reviews that were okay with it. Where did they screw up?
  3. if you look to your left you'll see a link for "search boards" where you can type in P4S8X. If you do the search only on the keyword P4S8X and extend the search to cover a two month time period, you'll see that quite a few people have had problems with memory stability and AGP8x compatability. I think Asus screwed up the memory bus or something, but I'm not quite certain what the cause of their problems are. I only know that such problems are not occuring on Gigabyte boards when good memory is used, but are occuring on Asus boards when the same memory is used.

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  4. Crash,
    First off, thanks for replying to my posts. I am "new" to computer buying after riding out a top-end system that is 5 years old. No matter where I posted, you responded, and it helped.
    I had to cut my losses and went ahead with this motherboard. I was crunched for time and really need to get back to work on my website. It was the only dual-channell DDR Intel board available with a bundled system at a reasonable price - I looked for that other one but couldn't find it anywhere with a bundled system.
    Now, I did review posts about the problems with this board in the archives as you suggested. Since I already purchased this board, I will go forward with optimism, as it's my only route!
    Asus has a reputation outside of this board as a good mobo maker. The card I bought is an upgrade and hopefully will not carry the same problems. Also, it would be silly for Asus to ruin a good rep by continuing to manufacture and sell boards they know to be faulty.
    The board I bought was sold through ABS computers, which has a growing reputation for good customer service. Should this board falter it will blow up on Asus big-time with such high-profile sales.
    Which brings me to another point....When shopping around for a good high-end computer reseller, (cost reasonable,so that leaves out places like Falcon) I found about 10 companies to boot around. All 10 had horror stories on message boards telling you to NEVER buy from this company. Had I listened, I would never get a computer.
    I could relate this experience to motherboard shopping. I do acknowledge the asus board had a higher average of bad stories.
    ANYWAY, I will return here to post should I run into any problems, and will buy a new motherboard if problems persist. I intend to over-clock a bit but other than that will use the board as is. I'll see how it goes.
    Learned a lot the past couple of months, but it's time to get back to my website passion - though I love the computer community and biz!
    Thanks a ton for your help, by the way - other components I ended up with -
    2.8 GHZ Intel processor, ATI Radeon 9700 graphics card, 6.1 Platimum sound card, um...Samsung 191T 19 inch LCD monitor, GB 2700 DDR Ram, Plextor CD/RW, Logitech 680 6.1 speakers.
    PS - Intel dual-channel DDR Ram MB's are sure to be more plentiful and have better selections 6 months from now. Maybe then, I'll jump on the best one and switch out. I'm sure i'll be back to this site getting tips...
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