Please help with my cod4 problem

Ok i have

4gb ram
8800GT graphics card
asus P5K-PRO
Q6600 2.4GHz processor

you would think that my computer would run cod4 as if it wasnt even there BUT

wen im playing multiplayer my screen freezes and any keys that i press dont work and my speakers make a weired sound. ( it sounds like a bumble bees balls just dropped and its got a new deep voice)

wen this happens i have to restart my computer

i have read that it could be my realtek sound card but i dont know how to vhange anything.

i have windows xp pro service pack 2

i am able to follow any steps provided


(lol please help)
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  1. Here's a few things you could try:

    Close all background programs such as Antivirus and FRAPRS, etc.
    Try again.

    1-Resinstall your Videocard drivers with the latest version available and install the latest COD4 Patch.
    2-Try the game

    3-Resintall the game
    4-Try the game

    5-Perform a ScanDisk
    6-Perform a VirusScan/Spyware Scan/etc.

    7-Try and disable your RealTek Network card (or other devices that might be causing this).

    8-Reinstall your Videocard drivers but perform a CleanDriver Registry before you reinstall them.

    ***If buy now, if you have the same problem, it might be hardware related***

    Then I would have to know if you problem only occurs with COD4 or with other games as well.

    I'll assume you have a legit copy of COD4.
  2. yeah i have a legit copy of cod 4

    and it does happen in other games. and on startup before my winodows xp loads it says hard disk not formatted or something like that

    and on the occasion wen im playing a game, the game crashes and a screen with a blue backround comes up with a page worth of writing but it doesnt stay long enough for me to read it.

    please help

    ps. can someone give me the steps on how do enable realtek mixer for XP-pro , i read sumwhere this stops the crashing thanks

    pss. how do i disable mt realtek network card?
  3. Disabling your network card.

    Option A: Bottom right of windows screen where you have your mini-icon (Time and Date). You can right click and disable the device from there.

    Option B: If option A fails then you can go in your Control Panel - Systems - Device manager - and disable from there.

    Further troubleshooting would be

    -Disable and Unplug your Wireless device (if that's what you have).
    -Uninstall your network card drivers and take out the card before your next boot.
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