PS3 on DVI monitor with KVM

Hi everyone,

Just have a question regarding a set-up I hope to achieve...

I have 2 19" widescreen monitors running side-by-side (span) right now...a samsung 940BW and 941BW. They're identical to each other apart from the fact that the 941BW has HDCP support...

So I'm planning to get a PS3, and I want to run it on the 941BW, but I don't want to sacrifice a computer monitor.

So if I were to buy a KVM with DVI, would i theoretically be able to run the monitor for the computer & ps3?

A simple diagram would be...

Computer (2 dvi out) ---------------------->--------monitor 1
|------>-------KVM------>-----monitor 2

Would this work? Any technical reasons why it wouldn't?

I realize DVI KVM's are expensive, but I don't have the room or the reason to buy another monitor/tv.

Thanks in advance
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  1. It might be cheaper to get 2 HDMI to DVI cables and a HDMI Selector.
  2. Ohh...didn't even know these things were there.

    So I'd connect one monitor to video card, have a dvi -> hdmi to the selector, hdmi -> hdmi with the ps3 to the selector, then have another hdmi -> dvi to the second monitor, right?

    Would there be a loss in quality? HDMI and DVI are both technically digital, so it shouldn't make a huge difference?

    I'll look into this, thanks

    Any additional info is welcomed
  3. HDMI and DVI both pass the same video signal. The only difference is that DVI doesn't support audio.

    Yeah that is how i would set it up. It will be cheaper then using a DVI KVM.

    HDMI selector box
    Select the combo deal for a free HDMI cable.

    HDMI to DVI cable
  4. Wow, great

    Thanks a lot...PS3 looks great even on a smaller monitor...
    for whatever reason I can play 1080p, and not have it scale, so I can see everything on screen lol.

    Anyway, thanks again for the help
  5. No problem, I'm glad it is working for you.
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