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hi xbox 360 docent want to connect to the ip address. i just got a new internet with verizon fios and i got a gateway. now every time i try to connect to the online my ip address fails.iv triad everything restarted the gateway called xbox and verizon fios.. nothing has helped..... can anyone help me

thank you
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  1. I have a similar issue when a friend brings his Xbox360 over for Halo 3 lan; if more than one unit is connected to the network, the damn systems seem to fight over the same ip, rendering one of the systems unable to connect to the network.
  2. How do i find my subnet mask address and also my gateway address?
  3. Go into your network and sharing center on one of your PCs, click on your local area connection, and click details, that will show you the addressing information. For most consumer routers though, it defaults to the standard Class C private address with the standard subnet mask. So the gateway typically is with a mask of
  4. you may need to turn off the wireless on your gateway from version and get a cheap wireless router to use.

    I had a friend that had fios and he had to do that.
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