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Hello everyone, first off I am looking to invest too much money into an i7, so my present mobo, ram and cpu has to go. I have a P5Q Green mobo with 4gb Crucial Ballistix Ram PC6400 800mhz, and a Q6600 G0. I didn't buy it long ago but the i7 craze has stuck me as well, everything is in great working shape and I can support images (besides CPU because I'm currently using it) if you ask. Willing to sell them all separately. Feel free to send offers and Thank You

Edit: Nevermind I sold everything to a local friend but thanks again everyone.
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  1. The best way to find a competitive price, is to look on ebay. Search for your hardware, and look at the ones with bids on them. That'll give you a good idea of what people are willing to pay for them.
  2. Thanks For the reply, I have been looking around on ebay and have an idea of prices, but I'd prefer to avoid the whole bidding process and such and just sell it here if anyone is interested.. Thank Again
  3. I was only suggesting looking on ebay for sale price ideas. It's a good way to find out what people are willing to pay, as some have several bids, and some have none.
  4. Thank You for the suggestion, well since you are the only one willing to reply, want to buy a cpu? haha
  5. :) It's tempting. I do like buying new toys. I don't need one right now though.

    If you ask ~ $100, I'm sure someone will want it.
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