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  1. you didn't list the most important part...we need to know what graphics card you are using.
  2. yeah whats your video card I used to play that game on a 6600 gt so you dont need much but tell us what card your using.
  3. nvr mind, i looked up your chipset, if you are using the onboard VIA Chrome9 HC IGP, then CS:S will aparantly run but on VERY LOW settings, and by very low i mean you should look up 'casey config' in google. Its hardly worth it tbh, if i were you i would look into new graphic card options, i see your board comes with a PCI-express 16 slot??? then look into something like the 9600GT, 9800GTX or new radeon 4850.
  4. EDIT: This topic has been resolved. Thank you.
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