XFX 7950GT w/ Passive Cooling

I'm looking to sell this card after upgrading to a 4770 (wanted an hdmi out). Card runs great, I've never had a single problem with it. The passive cooling works great as well, it is completely silent and never overheats. I have never overclocked it either.

This is the model:

I'm looking for 40$ shipped.

I don't have many posts here, but I have over 1000 sales on my ebay account, which I can verify for you if you wish.
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  1. Hi Tiburon,

    I hope that you still have this card available - I have been looking for months for a second one to pair with the one I have in my rig but didn't want to pay $80!

    $40 sounds really fair! I live in the Midwest so shipping shouldn't be too expensive.

    Get back to me and let me know if you still have it!

  2. It's still available, I sent you a PM.
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